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Last Updated: Saturday, 7 February, 2004, 01:31 GMT
Yalta dedicates room to Churchill

By Helen Fawkes
BBC, Yalta

Sir Winston Churchill's role at the Yalta conference during World War II is finally being recognised.

A room at the former Tsars' palace where the conference was held has been dedicated to the former British PM.

Talks held between Soviet leader Josef Stalin, US President Franklin Roosevelt and Mr Churchill were vital in cementing an alliance to defeat Hitler.

While there is a Roosevelt Room in Yalta, in Ukraine, until now there has been no commemoration of Mr Churchill.

Front row, from the left: Sir Winston Churchill, Franklin D Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin  in Yalta , 1945
Yalta Conference paved the road to victory over Hitler
It was 59 years ago this week that Mr Churchill, Mr Roosevelt and Mr Stalin gathered here at the Livadia Palace for the Yalta conference.

In the talks that followed, a final strategy for winning World War II was thrashed out.

The leaders also discussed bringing the Soviet Union into the war with Japan and the creation of the United Nations.

Crimean Deputy Prime Minister Sergey Kunitsyn says a tribute to Churchill is long overdue.

"The opening of this room is very important, not only for the Crimea and Ukraine but for the whole world," he says.

"It is not fair that we have Stalin's personal materials and a Roosevelt Room at the palace, but there isn't a commemoration of Churchill."

Lady Soames, Mr Churchill's daughter worked with the British government for two years to create the room which contains books, photos and film footage of the wartime prime minister.

It is hoped this will act as lasting reminder of the British leader who travelled to the Soviet Union to help bring peace to Europe.

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