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Last Updated: Sunday, 11 May, 2003, 16:38 GMT 17:38 UK
Green light for Spanish sex

Granada skyline
A place for making Spanish eyes?

The Green Party in the southern Spanish city of Granada has come up with a novel way to attract young voters.

As part of its manifesto for the municipal elections on 25 May, the party is proposing issuing "sex vouchers" to young voters so they can get half-price rooms in decent hotels.

The leading Madrid daily El Mundo, in a piece headlined "Half-price sex in Granada", says the idea is a variation on the theme of subsidising public transport or pleasure trips for pensioners.

Andalusia has one of the highest rates of unwanted pregnancies
Green spokesman Francisco Garrido

The daily says the Greens are seeking to give the youngsters a "safe and secure environment" in which to have sex.

It quotes Greens spokesman Francisco Garrido as saying the region where Granada is located, Andalusia, "has one of the highest rates of unwanted pregnancies".

"Garrido has justified the proposal for sex vouchers not only because it is a success in other European cities, but also because Granada youth, and by extension Spanish youth, frequently find it difficult to enjoy sexual relations freely in a secure environment," the daily notes.

Safe and secure

The Greens hope the scheme will encourage young people to enjoy their "sexual initiation" having safe sex, with advice available in the designated hotel rooms.

The city council will need to get city hotels to sign up to the initiative and agree to "lower their prices", El Mundo says.

By propagating immorality, you'll go to hell and I assure you that hell exists
Mr Garrido's neighbour

But the chance of the proposal ever seeing the light of day is thought negligible.

The Greens currently share two seats on the Granada council with another left-wing party, whose views on the topic are not made clear.

However, according to El Mundo, Mr Garrido's e-mail is "overflowing with insults and threats from the extreme right".

Not all the warnings have been unfriendly. One neighbour of Mr Garrido claiming to be a member of the Opus Dei religious movement approached him with a warning.

"As a neighbour," he said earnestly, "I have to tell you that by propagating immorality, you'll go to hell and I assure you that hell exists."

There is no indication of Mr Garrido's response.

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