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Last Updated: Thursday, 27 September 2007, 01:35 GMT 02:35 UK
Text: Burma confirms protest casualties
The following is the text of a report by the Burmese state radio station, Radio Myanmar, in which the first official confirmation of casualties resulting from the mass demonstrations in Rangoon on Wednesday is given.

A group of protesters numbering around 10,000, including monks and other people, arrived near the intersection of Sule Pagoda road and Anawrahta road at around 1230 (0600 GMT) today.

The group consisted of the so-called monks, members of the so-called 88 Generation student group, terrorists from the ABSDF [All Burma Students Democratic Front], and members of the NLD [National League for Democracy party]. They shouted slogans and made demands.

Security forces who were on duty near the Sule Pagoda persuaded the crowd through loud speakers not to proceed any further and to disperse peacefully.

However, the group of protesters, while shouting slogans, threw stones and sticks at the police - who were members of the security forces trying to persuade them to stop - and also attacked them with slings shots. The police were overwhelmed by the crowd.

Due to this, the police, who were discharging security duties, retreated from the first line to the second line of defence and once again used the loud speakers to persuade the crowd not to turn violent and to disperse peacefully.

However, the protesting group did not obey. They again threw stones at the police, who were at the second line of defence, and also attacked them with sling shots. The crowd again overwhelmed the police. At the same time, they snatched two police motorbikes and set them on fire. They also forced their way through to grab weapons from the security forces.

Due to these violent conditions, it became inevitable for the security forces to disperse the violent protesting crowd attacking them by firing shots and using the least amount of force. Due to this action, the protesting group dispersed.

In this incident, from our side, two police motorbikes were burned down and destroyed, and eight policemen, including two senior officers, were injured.

Among the group of violent protesters, an unidentified male, aged about 30, was killed.

U Han Lin Tun, son of U Hla Tun, who resides at 359 Anawma street, Ward No. 93, Dagon Seikkan Township, received an injury to his right thigh. U Win Tut, 27, son of U Tun Myint, who resides at Room 301, 201 Phaya street, Kamayut Township, was injured in his right buttock. Daw Phyu Phyu Win, 47, who resides at 19 Kyaung street, Shwepyitha, was injured in her left chest and left arm. The injured persons have been taken to Rangoon General Hospital for treatment.

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