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Last Updated: Friday, 17 March 2006, 12:17 GMT
One year on: Diloram Khamidova
All the people were full of hope that everything would change.

Diloram Khamidova
Name: Diloram Khamidova
Age: 19
Lives: Osh
Job: Student
Verdict: "People's hopes have been depressed"

We thought the revolution would increase our standard of living. Unfortunately, we have been disappointed.

All the people's hopes from the revolution have been depressed. People feel it achieved very little.

At the time, Bishkek was more dangerous than Osh but we were still afraid here. Everything was a mess in our town. There was no control and people became crazy. The government had no power to control people.

We don't feel change.

There are still divisions in our country and the revolution hasn't changed this. Northerners believe that southerners haven't got much power. We are not respected and I don't know why.

In fact, the people who organised the revolution came from the south and I feel that a lot of northerners were against this, against the idea that somebody from the south could be the president.

'No stability'

There are still serious problems with corruption and this is the biggest problem we have to deal with in Kyrgyzstan. It was the problem during Akayev's time and it is now Bakiev's problem.

In Osh, we hear many stories about bribery in the workplace. There is very little honesty.

And on the national level, there is no stability. The fighting between the president and our parliament is ongoing.

It's all very confusing but one thing is clear. It is the hope of every person that the political situation will become more stable. And eventually, we hope that we can respect our politicians more.

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