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Last Updated: Friday, 17 March 2006, 12:08 GMT
One year on: Daniel Matkasymov
Changes have already taken place. We get much more attention from government now.

Name: Daniel Matkasymov
Age: 43
Lives: Jalalabad
Job: Lexicologist
Verdict: "There is lots of positive change"

They constantly try to change our lives for the better.

My parents live in a rural village and my parents tell me that they have been getting more money from local government for starting up small businesses. It's one of the good results from the revolution.

There is more freedom now. Television and newspapers show the reality of peoples lives. I think the government is tuned into the needs of the people.

But bribery and corruption is still very much alive. The government promises it will do better and that it will cut the corruption soon. I really hope they mean it.


Some politicians say that the Kyrgyz people are approaching a crisis. I'm afraid of tribalism and divisions. Kyrgyzstan is not united, there are divisions between north and south, between various tribes. Some people talk about civil war.

And I have other fears. We all sense an invisible power hiding under the water, behind government. We fear that there is a third force at work in the country.

Some people say the ex-president and his allies are working to de-stabilise things. Others say it is a mafia allied to him. There are people hungry for power out there. Stability may not last long.

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