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Last Updated: Monday, 4 April 2005, 01:21 GMT 02:21 UK
Pope's death: Asia-Pacific views
Mourners in Philippines with picture of the Pope

Hundreds of readers from across the Asia-Pacific region have sent us their reaction to the death of Pope John Paul II.

Here is a selection of their comments.

The following comments reflect the balance of views received:

I believe that Pope John Paul II will forever be with us through his legacy of strong faith in the Lord and through his belief in the unity of the world. May the Pope's deeds inspire every man to be like him although untold sadness continue to linger in the people's hearts because of the Holy Father's death.
Julie Ann Caringal, Philippines

As a young boy in 1978, I felt immense pride that a fellow Pole had become the head of the Catholic Church. This memory has now been replaced by a sense of loss and grief that this man is no longer with us. More than a Pole, more than a priest, he became an inspiration to so many around the world as Pope. Though some disagree with his stance on certain issues, he was a man of his convictions and stood up for his beliefs, shared by others and not merely himself.
Edward Krzywdzinski, Australia

He will forever live on in our thoughts and our minds
Truong Pham, Melbourne, Australia
As a Catholic, I am extremely and deeply saddened by the death of Pope John Paul II. I suddenly feel a sense of loss and emptiness in life. Nevertheless, we should all be happy that he will suffer no more pain and that he is now with his most beloved God. I think we should all follow his footsteps, that is, to live in peace, with everyone around you, regardless of their religions and beliefs. He will forever live on in our thoughts and our minds.
Truong Pham, Melbourne, Australia

It's a very sad to lose a man who dedicated his life to serve God and mankind. He is dead but his legacies will forever be engraved in our hearts and minds, which among these, is the demise of Communism in Eastern Europe.
Julian Ereño Jr., Philippines

He is not only the Pope of the Catholic Church but also a father to the world. He gave light to the world amidst hopelessness.
Ian Ken Dimzon, Philippines

All I can see is that I will be missing our dear beloved Holy Father for a very long time. He is such a gentle and compassionate man of God. Certainly one after the Heart of Jesus! We know that we have a great intercessor for us in Pope John Paul II today to continue with his works from Heaven.
Helen Catherine Tan, Singapore

He was a highly respectable man who believed in freedom and equality for all. May he rest in peace.
You Sokunpanha, Cambodia

I am a Roman Catholic but I haven't been attending mass these past few months because of some unanswered questions about my religion at the back of my mind, (though I am a believer). However despite the 'religion crisis' that I am going through, my respect for Pope John Paul was not affected. I look up to him and consider him as my inspiration to go on with life. I will not forget his love of the young people and how he devoted himself serving the Lord and the people. Now that he has passed away, I will always remember him and his greatness. Ciao for now my loving Pope, but I am sure that we will meet again. I love you and may God Bless us all.
Gilda Gracia Agag, Philippines

I don't know much about him. But I'm pretty sure that I have never heard any bad news or scandal. He visited my country (1988) when I hadn't been born. I wonder why I shed my tears¿ I bet, because he was a good man.
Christa Vania, Indonesia

Pope John Paul II will be written down in the annals of world history as one of the most charismatic and influential successor to St. Peter, whose life touched the live of billions of people including us in the Philippines. As an Apostle of Christ, his life stood on a solid rock of uncompromising moral principles and steadfast faith anchored deeply on Christ. His passing away in this volatile world left a sizeable void in the armour of moral crusade that the Pontificate against the evils of our times¿ May the successor to the Pontificate continue the legacy of Pope John Paul II, an extraordinary and vigilant shepherd of a multitudinous flock! John Paul II we love you!
Jose B. Brotarlo, Jrl, Philippines

I grieve for Pope, although I'm not a Catholic. I think that Pope John Paul II could affect a lot of people, because the Pope persisted in his belief in his whole life. Therefore, we can also have a valuable life, if we persist in correct belief .
Wenchi Kuo, Taiwan, Taichung

The light of unity of harmony of inter-religion has dimmed
Abdul Mutalib Saifuddin, Malaysia

Dreams and faith made him what he wanted to be, but it was his great and ever-lasting efforts that made him what he could be. People of the world over shall never forget his inspiring and unselfish efforts.
Michale Huang from Tainan Second Senior High, Taiwan

In the Philippines, the people love the Pope, like a father to his children¿ we love you Pope John Paul II¿ pray for us.
Oliver Torcuator, Philippines

The Filipinos mourn the loss, not only of a great man, but of a beloved father. He has been a father to the Filipino youth, a true example of what being a child of God really means.
Gel Santos, Philippines

Pope John Paul has reached his final destination. A man, a Pope who has done so much for our world and has touched the lives of so many Catholics and non Catholics alike. "Well done my good and faithful servant". May he forever enjoy eternal love and eternal life with his and our saviour!
Marlene, Australia

Pope John Paul II is one of the greatest Pope the Catholic Church have. May the next Pope be like him, who will defend the teaching and doctrines of the Church according to God's wishes and command, and not change it according to the selfish desire of humans.
Bert, Philippines

He is finally returning home. He lived a life worth admiring, and I can only wish I could live a life like his.
Richard, Japan

As a catholic who hasn't gone to church much over the past years, I still felt touched and sad when following the Pope's last days in the news. I guess this is partly because he had been "the Pope" since my childhood, and it suddenly seemed to be the end of an era in my own life as well. With highest respect for John Paul II, I still hope that his successor will on one side continue his fight for freedom, but on the other side also show a more 'modern' approach towards various issues.
Nanja, New Zealand

Even though I am not Catholic, I have a sincere feeling of loss. I did not know much about this man, but I feel that the world will never be the same again. I think we have lost someone who can never be replaced.
Lynne Watson, Australia

He gave people hope, faith and love. He reassured them that freedom and moral values are worth fighting for. In the world full of desire for instant gratification, He tirelessly showed us all what standards for the respect for another fellow man we should uphold. His great legacy will never be forgotten.
Paul Sokolowski, Australia

His forgiveness is a light unto the world!
C.Horwood, New Zealand

Our dearly beloved Pope will be greatly missed by one and all. We are all assured that He will be be favoured when Jesus returns and takes us all home.
Bernadine Archer, Australia

Pope John Paul II will always be remembered as a great man. And he was a legend already before his death. Rest In Peace!
Karsten T. Fiane, Norway/Australia

Thank you Holy Father for showing us the Way of Love and what Love really is. You are a real Father, Pastor and a friend. A Holy Man. Continue to be with us in our desire for a Peaceful, more Just world.
Luisa Kobayashi, Japan

He will still lead us!
Francesco Drago, Australia

Though Jewish, the Pope has long been a personal inspiration through his uncompromising stands on the moral issues which confront my generation. His voice put to rest the ideas of situational ethics and signalled a return to the moral values which form the basis of our civil society. He will be sorely missed not only by the millions of Catholic faithful, but by all those who seek a moral beacon in the confusion of this life.
John Burnett, Australia

I read with tears drop from my eyes as I remember his call for peace. He is indeed a world Peace hero.
Moses Haganitoto, Solomon Islands

Thank you Lord for giving us such a remarkable man as John Paul II. He was a great leader and communicator teaching us long lost values unmatched by our so-called world leaders. He touched us all with his love. John Paul is now with the communion of saints in heaven and yet very much in our midst. We all now pray to him rather than for him as he is our 21st century saint.
Roy Albuquerque, New Zealand

His passing is like losing a father for us Catholics around the world. It is an even greater loss to the world in general, which has lost its sole supreme moral authority, and he has left really large shoes to fill. He will be loved and remembered for eternity, and may God look down on us from the heavens with him by HIS side. Amen
Justin, Singapore

I couldn't help but cry my heart out to God for his comfort at this moment of great sadness. Loved and adored by all regardless of religion, creed, race or colour, the Great Papa has left us at a time when we needed him most. At this time of liberalism and changing moral values, his teachings continue to guide humanity and put us back on the right path with God. Although he's gone, his legacy lingers on in the lives of the faithful. He has certainly left his imprints on our lives and events as they slipped past into a history never to be forgotten. So long Karol!!
David Lidimani, Solomon Islands

This is not the darkest day of the year: Pope John Paul II is now at rest, at peace. He won't see us stopping here. We will finish the unfinished miles before we sleep.
Hin Lam, Hong Kong

The world will be a poorer place without Pope John Paul II, but we thank God for sending him to become a voice for the oppressed and downtrodden. Hail the Pope!
Antonette, Philippines

I am a Buddhist, but I felt sense of loss too.
Chor, Singapore

He's the greatest man living on earth, wise and all. So much he's done to the world. But all journeys have endings, and I'm sure he has the happiest ending of all - seated on God's side in Heaven.
Michelle, Indonesia

Mourners gather in St Peter's Square

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