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Last Updated: Thursday, 24 March, 2005, 13:32 GMT
Kyrgyz turmoil electrifies regional press
Kyrgyz policemen arrest opposition supporters in downtown Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, Wednesday, March 23, 2005
Mass protests have gripped the capital Bishkek

The turmoil in Kyrgyzstan is prompting reactions varying from alarm to acceptance in many newspapers in the region.

Several commentators in Russia say they are not surprised by the protests. And in neighbouring China, the state-run press makes clear its fear that the unrest could lead to a growth in US influence in Central Asia.

Kyrgyzstan is in upheaval.

Kyrgyz pro-opposition newspaper Delo No

The wild events in Kyrgyzstan are no surprise. Plenty of dry tinder had been stored up there, just as in practically all of the former Soviet countries except Belarus. So everybody was waiting for an explosion of popular discontent. The important question is who will take advantage of the outcome of this explosion?

Russia's Sovetskaya Rossiya

The Kyrgyz people have become fed up with the president's many relatives. They are demanding justice, and in Kyrgyzstan today that means the resignation of Askar Akayev. They demanded talks, and the authorities were silent.

Russia's Novaya Gazeta

In some ways the Kyrgyzstan scenario reminds you of developments in Ukraine... but it is still too early to paint the whole of Central Asia orange.

Russia's Trud

As an important neighbouring country of Kyrgyzstan, China does not wish to see Kyrgyzstan fall into turmoil... The countries in the region should maintain a high degree of vigilance, and cooperate closely to resist attempts by the US and other Western nations to instigate "revolutionary" plots in Central Asia.

China's Huanqiu Shibao (Global Times)

The Americans are certainly not being so charitable out of consideration for the welfare of the Kyrgyz people. They are thinking more about their own interests, and how to push Russia aside, and contain China.

China's Jiangnan Shibao (Jiangnan Times)

If the legitimate government of Kyrgyzstan is overthrown in future and pro-US politicians come to power... the US will establish a bridgehead in the heart of Central Asia, and threaten the security interests of China and Russia in this region.

Hong Kong's Wen Wei Po

What those in power have feared so greatly, and the Kyrgyz opposition has been seeking so actively, has happened.

Kazakhstan's Argumenty i Fakty Kazakhstan

We are confident that the Kyrgyz people will withstand these difficult tests with honour, and that they will not give in to panic and provocation bred by those who want to take away our countries' main achievements - peace, freedom, prosperity and stability.

Uzbekistan's Narodnoye Slovo

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