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Last Updated: Thursday, 18 August 2005, 11:45 GMT 12:45 UK
Huge Indonesia flag fails to fly
Abseiler pulling flag down building
50 rock climbers manoeuvred the 1.3 ton flag into position
An attempt to unfurl the world's largest flag from the top of a new Jakarta tower block failed to fly when it was torn apart by strong winds.

The unravelling of the 156m by 50m flag was part of the Indonesia's 60th independence day celebrations.

Hundreds of people gathered at Tanah Abang's textile market in Jakarta to see the record attempt on Wednesday.

But to their dismay the flag, sewn in 89 hours by 24 tailors using 300 bolts of cloth, ripped at the seams.

"We were surprised by the incident. I guess the cloth and thread aren't strong enough to handle the high pressure of the wind," Djan Faridz, a director of the property company organising the event, told The Jakarta Post.

About 50 rock climbers had been used to slowly unravel the flag, which weighed 1.3 tons.

It had been expected to enter the Guinness Book of Records, beating a flag made in Brazil into second place.

But despite the disappointment the organisers were undeterred, vowing to make another attempt within days.

"We will replace it with a new one within a few days," Mr Faridz said, adding that more tailors and better quality cloth and thread would be used.



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