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Last Updated: Sunday, 22 August, 2004, 09:42 GMT 10:42 UK
Chinese press hails Deng centenary
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As China marks the centenary of the birth of its late supreme leader Deng Xiaoping, the Chinese press lavishes praise on his achievements.

But some English-language papers in Hong Kong and Taiwan examine more closely the impact of his legacy on the country's current leadership.

Comrade Deng Xiaoping's brilliant thinking, immortal achievements, lofty moral character, and style of a great man were as bright as the sun and moon... A son of the Chinese people, he lives for ever in their hearts... The great man has departed, but his cause will endure.

Beijing's Renmin Ribao (People's Daily)

Officers and soldiers of all the armed forces and people of all nationalities in this country are filled with unparalleled feelings of respect, and cherish the memory of this great man in the resplendent annals of history of the Chinese people. He made a shining contribution to the country and the people, and carried out immortal service in national defence and in building the army.

Beijing's Jiefangjun Bao (Liberation Army Daily)

Deng Xiaoping was a glorious model of the practical integration of the basic principles of Marxism and contemporary China. The great integration he achieved will forever be recorded in history and will forever shine with brilliance.

Beijing's Guangming Ribao (Guangming Daily)

He changed the history of mankind, and shook the entire Earth... He called on one billion Chinese people to "trace the stones in crossing the river", which changed the course of the long river of history.

Beijing's Xin Jing Bao (Beijing News)

Looking at the great practices and theoretical innovation in Deng Xiaoping's life, the spirit of seeking truth and pragmatism ran clearly throughout it.

Shenzhen Tequ Bao (Shenzhen Special Zone Daily)

A great man of the century who profoundly influenced the destiny of his country... a communist who waged a life-long struggle for the cause of national revival is deeply cherished by the people for stepping onto the path of prosperity and power.

Chengdu Shangbao (the paper published in Deng's home province)

Deng Xiaoping changed China, and he also changed the world to some degree. He made the world full of respect for China again. The wealthier China becomes, the more heartfelt are the feelings of the Chinese common people towards him, because Deng Xiaoping let them have a good life of dignity and bright prospects. The people love him.

Hong Kong's Ta Kung Pao (Beijing-backed daily)

There were no significant political reforms to match those in the economic sphere, and when necessary, he was prepared to use force - the Tiananmen crackdown being the most notable example. The tensions inherent in Deng's "socialism with Chinese characteristics" are still problems for the leadership today. Deng's achievements are significant - but not absolute. They lie in the direction in which he took China. We still await the end result.

Hong Kong's Sunday Morning Post

President Hu and Premier Wen do not enjoy the kind of near-absolute power of the late Deng Xiaoping, who was unchallenged in carrying out his reforms in the 1980s and early 1990s. It seems that until and unless [Deng's successor] Jiang Zemin steps down to let Hu and Wen wield real power, mainland China's reforms can hardly make rapid progress. Beijing's power struggle is still being played out.

Taipei's The China Post

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China celebrates Deng centenary
22 Aug 04  |  Asia-Pacific


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