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Last Updated: Monday, 14 July, 2003, 11:13 GMT 12:13 UK
Australian axes to death 'killer' kangaroo
Wildlife officials say the kangaroo may have been hungry
An Australian man has axed a kangaroo to death after it turned on him and his wife while they were on holiday in Queensland.

John Crouch, from New South Wales, said the two-metre animal pounced on him outside his caravan in the town of Monto, 400km north-west of Brisbane.

It was kill or be killed
John Crouch
Mr Crouch said the kangaroo scratched his wife Helen on her face, back, and groin and kicked her in the stomach, before he pulled the animal off her.

He suffered a badly sprained hand, scratches and bruising.

"It was killed or be killed," Mr Crouch told the Bundaberg News-Mail.

"I'm absolutely sure it would have killed us if it could... It was completely crazy and became enraged without provocation," he was quoted as saying.

Local authorities said the offending animal may have been the same one that attacked a local motel owner and his wife in Monto last month.

Doug and Pauline Lawson were slightly hurt after a kangaroo knocked them to the ground for no apparent reason.

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