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Honduras views: Presidential crisis

In Central America's worst crisis in a decade, Honduran President Manuel Zelaya was sent into exile on Sunday amid a dispute over his proposals to change the constitution. Some Hondurans share their thoughts on the deposed leader with the BBC's Stephen Gibbs in Tegucigalpa:

Argentina Dominguez

President Zelaya deceived us. He talked about democracy but then got too close to [Venezuelan President Hugo] Chavez.

What hurts me most is that four years ago, I voted for him.

But look at what he has done. We have become a haven for drug-runners. We have some of the most violent kidnapping in the world.

He manipulated people and said he would help the poor, but he has done nothing.

I want my grandchildren to be free. I don't want them to grow up in a country like Venezuela or Cuba.

Daniel Martinez

I support President Zelaya and hope he comes back.

I do not like what has happened to this country since the new government took over. They have censored the media, and for all their talk of using legal moves to remove the president, what they are doing now is totally illegal.

I think it is extremely risky to militarise a country. Let Zelaya come back, and if he has done something wrong, they should investigate and put him on trial, if necessary.

I think the close union with Venezuela and other countries is not such a bad thing. We are a small country after all and we can do better if we are part of a group. Chavez helped us with the oil and other things and that is good.

I don't want communism here or a revolution. I want peace, which is why I am not joining any of the protests.

Ingrid Raudalez

He did nothing to help the poor. He never said anything about swine flu. He did nothing about the recent earthquake.

All he did was go on and on about the referendum on the constitution. He wanted continual power.

He was selling out to foreigners and you have to take it seriously if your president starts doing that.

I do not want this country to be like Nicaragua or Venezuela or Cuba. People say life there is terrible.

Mauricio Guerracruz

He did a few good things. The price of petrol went down, and he raised the minimum wage, and gave small loans to the poorest people.

The businessmen have always run this country and probably always will.

I think that getting too close to Venezuela was a mistake - you never get anything for free after all.

I say bring the November elections forward as we need to put all this behind us.

President Zelaya might come back to Honduras, but no way will he come back to be president as there are too many allegations against him.

Dagoberto Martin

We are better without him.

He violated the laws, and kept bad company.

He said he would help the poor but he has done nothing.

I worry about the future and I worry that countries outside don't know what is going on here.

[US President Barack] Obama is trying to help maybe but he doesn't know the reality here.

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