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Sotomayor nomination: Readers' views

Readers have been reacting to US President Barack Obama's choice of Sonia Sotomayor as nominee to serve on the country's Supreme Court.

Read a selection of your comments below.


President Obama and Sonia Sotomayor
Sotomayor, if approved, would be the first Hispanic to take the position

I am proud that Obama nominated not just someone with a working class and Latina background but someone who understands that race, gender, and class are inherently built into the legal system from creation to interpretation to application. The likes of Clarence Thomas believe that race is not present in our legal system. Sotomayor knows that this is not possible in a nation built on the backs of Native Americans, African Americans and immigrants. Balance is not about objectivity but about looking at all sides to issues. Sotomayor will bring that needed view to the Supreme Court - balancing out the other justices.
Christina Saenz, New York, New York, USA

Awesome, it is about time that the make-up of the Supreme Court reflects American reality.
Guillermo Reyes, Austin, Texas, USA

I could not be more proud of this nomination, as it shows this can only be achieved in the USA. I am proud of this system, anybody can dream.
Ram Goyal, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

The American people are a diverse lot. The Supreme Court has not reflected that previously. It is time for women to have a larger role in American decisions. She will be confirmed. If the Republicans do not act with wisdom, their place in American life will diminish further.
Edward Pritchett, Big Bear City, CA, USA

A well thought-out choice. Extremely qualified though a bit too centrist for my liberal leaning. Liberals need a champion in the Supreme Court to balance the right-wing justices Scalia and Thomas.
Charles Zachary, Detroit, USA

A superb choice. I cannot imagine a finer candidate for the Supreme Court.
Louise G Minot, Brunswick, Maine USA

He made a good choice. Ms Sotomayor has an excellent educational background and her experience as a judge is unquestionable. She is a living testimony that hard work, sacrifice and perseverance works in the USA.
William F Pennock, Puerto Rico

I believe she will do a wonderful job. She had to work hard for everything she has and appreciates that her mother worked so hard for she and her brother. Hope she gets the nomination. She will be a great asset to the court system.
Diane Holsinger, Virginia, USA

I am thrilled by President Obama's choice of Ms Sotomayor. I think she is an excellent choice, being both qualified and a good replacement for Souter. In addition, there is likely to be little opposition to her nomination from the Republicans. This is another historic moment that I am glad to experience. Thanks President Obama for showing all Americans that the American dream is possible for everyone to achieve!
Naomi Brons, Douglasville, GA, USA

I applaud President Obama's selection of Ms Sotomayor as a much needed step in the right direction for creating an inclusive Supreme Court that truly reflects the changing demography of the United States.
Jordan Smith, Houston, Texas, USA


May the Senate have the sense, political fortitude and grace to save us from one who would make the court an extension of, or worse, an impediment to or remake of, the legislative process. Empathy and biases based on socio-economic status, ethnicity or gender have no place in the deliberative process based on law.
James Blunt, Destin, Florida, USA

Has anyone sat down and thought like I do? I don't want someone selected for such a position because they are a white man, woman, Hispanic, black, Japanese, Korean, or whatever. Here's what I want: I want a person who makes an informed decision based upon the two guiding principals of this country - God and the Constitution. You messed up again Obama.
Erik Little, North Lauderdale, FL, USA

A totally political choice. She was chosen for being Hispanic and female. There's nothing wrong with being either, but the Supreme Court wasn't meant to be a place to pander to one's base. The choices should be made based on qualifications, not political correctness. To be fair, it isn't just Obama who has done this. Bush's pal Harriet Miers was picked for political and personal reasons, though luckily they failed to get her nominated.
CG, San Francisco, CA, USA

I do not have confidence in President Obama's ability to know what is best for the United States of America. Therefore, I do not trust his having the wisdom to know the difference between a Supreme Court who interprets the Constitution and a court that legislates law with its opinions. I hope Ms Sotomayor knows the difference.
Richard Leonard, Hastings, MN, USA

Sotomayor is a very wrong choice. She has been picked because of her race and her political bias. This is not what the country's founders had in mind.
Ken Donnelly, Los Gatos, CA, USA

Judges should not, absolutely should not, slant their interpretation of any law based on life experiences, left or right leaning opinions or gender. The law is the law, the constitution should not have any obscure meanings or nuances. It is clearly written.
David, Hazelwood, USA

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