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Voters' Views: Tammika Waddy

As Barack Obama completes 100 days in office, we ask Republican and Democratic voters from across the US to reflect on his performance.

Tammika Waddy Consultant | Democrat

Obama is a people-focussed president but there is so much that needs to change at home and abroad

Tammika Waddy
Age: 32
Lives: District Heights, Maryland
Occupation: Consultant
Last election voted: Democrat
In 10 words or less: A mother, independent, cultured, spiritually aware, a realist, tasteful, humble and honest

"Obama is 100 days into his new job and I still have one, thank God.

But I'm no longer involved in real estate as an agent, which can be attributed to the recession and the toughening of credit requirements that prevents banks from lending freely.

Obama is a people-focussed president. You get the feeling that he is setting his own agenda, he isn't being directed by interest groups.

But there is so much that needs to change at home and abroad and I just don't know how much the government can do.

And for me, the Obama hype is over. At first I thought of him as the Great Black Hope, the people's redeemer! I soon realised that he is just another politician.

Government has a way of turning everyday people into machines. Obama is no different. I observed that he compromised his stance on certain issues once he received his first national security briefing - for example befriending up to Israel.

The rich man was getting richer and the poor man was getting poorer. Now the rich man has been exposed! And the American government has to bail them out or the entire system will fail.

My 401k [a scheme that allows workers to save income for retirement] has suffered. But it's a high risk account, so I expected it. I've just started investing in bank stocks in the past few weeks. I'm sure the bank stocks will eventually bounce back. If not America will fail, and people just won't let it happen.

But I worry about the direction America is heading in. I feel that as a nation we have lost our moral compass. America proclaims Christianity but how many of us actually practice it? Maybe there are some things that government just can't change."

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