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Voters' Views: Tom Taber

Presidential candidate Barack Obama has reached out to US voters in a half-hour, prime-time advertisement underlying his dominance of the airwaves.

Here Republican and Democratic voters share their views on the commercial and the Democrats' advertising advantage.

Tom Taber Retired | Democrat

The commercial was a contrived attempt to manipulate voters' emotions. It didn't work on me

Tom Taber
Age: 58
Lives: San Mateo, California
Occupation: Retired
Last election voted:
In 10 words or less: Optimistic, outdoor-oriented, physically fit, unconventional, non-conformist, sceptical of authority

"On Wednesday night I made an exception to my rule of never watching paid political advertising.

I think that Obama's 30 minute commercial was a carefully contrived attempt to manipulate voters' emotions. It didn't work on me.

I heard nothing new - just the usual rhetoric. The program was a combination of feel-good vignettes and facile references to issue. 'We will change this country and change the world' was his messianic cry.

This broadcast had no effect on me and I doubt it will make much difference next Tuesday.

But it doesn't matter because Obama has more money than he can possibly spend in the next few days.

Right now I am numb to political rhetoric. I will be greatly relieved when it is all over. I wish there was a candidate on the ballot who has the expertise to steer this country through the treacherous obstacles to economic recovery."

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Having an alternative opinion is an American privilege that we fight to keep, and it is especially important in local politics which are less sensational but more directly influenced by voter initiatives, and in editorials which influence peoples opinions. Unfortunately it seems like it is only lefty politicos who vote third party, which divides the vote and in effect brings us eight years of the Bush administration, and could be extended another four with McCain. It would be so amazing if we could pull together to bring Obama to office. It is clear from his values that he will be a step in the right direction for our deeply troubled nation.
Christl, Seattle, WA

Christl - I might agree with you if I lived in a "battleground" state. However, I live in California, which will be voting solidly for Obama. Because of the electoral college system, Obama doesn't need my vote. Also, I like the idea of choices on the ballot besides the two major party candidates.
Tom Taber, San Mateo, California

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