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Voters' Views: Samantha Cramer

Barack Obama and John McCain have clashed in a fractious final TV debate before the US presidential poll.

Here Republican and Democratic voters from across the US reflect on how the candidates performed.

Samantha Cramer Software engineer | Republican

McCain made it clear that he differs from George Bush on a number of pressing issues

Samantha Cramer
Age: 21
Lives: Manassas, Virginia
Occupation: Software engineer
Last election voted:
Too young to vote
In 10 words or fewer: Open-minded, inquisitive, speculative, passionate, optimistic

"This proved to be McCain's strongest debate performance as he confronted Obama with a ferocity that had been missing from previous debates.

Finally, McCain brought to the forefront Obama's association with Bill Ayers and the actions of the leftist group Acorn.

Despite Mr Obama's continued attempts to portray Mr McCain as a carbon copy of President Bush, McCain made it clear that he differs from our current president on a number of pressing issues.

McCain clarified his stance on a wide range of domestic issues, highlighting his strategy to bolster the faltering economy.

Obama has portrayed his health plan as a flawless fix for US healthcare. McCain showed what it truly is - a government-controlled system that nearly eliminates choice and penalises those who cannot comply.

McCain displayed the wisdom he has gained throughout his experiences as a prisoner of war, a politician, a husband and a father.

As a nation, we stand at a great precipice where there is no room for error or 'on-the-job training'. We cannot afford to have an unseasoned, first-term senator in a position of such high authority in these troubling times."

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