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Voters' Views: Geoffrey Nolan

The two vice-presidential candidates have gone head-to-head for their only televised debate.

Here Republican and Democratic voters from across the US reflect on the performance of the two candidates.

Geoffrey Nolan Salesman | Republican

How can such an articulate guy be so wrong?

Geoffrey Nolan
Age: 62
Lives: Miami, Florida
Occupation: Canvas awning salesman
Last election voted:
In 10 words or fewer: Political duellist - fencing with relish but not without pity

"How can such an articulate guy be so wrong? How could Palin miss so many chances?

Biden argues for giving power to bankruptcy courts to change the terms of mortgages. Palin might have observed that this would inevitably lead to skittish lenders approving far fewer mortgages.

Biden states flatly that mankind has caused climate change without offering any evidence.

He dismisses drilling because it would take ten years to see the results. Palin might have responded that the commodities speculators - so loathed by the left - would sell oil short on the news thus driving down the price at the pump.

On foreign affairs Biden paid homage to John Kerry by stating with a straight face that although he did vote for the war he never thought Bush would actually do it.

He calls McCain the odd man out when it was McCain who urged a surge, while the Senate's top Democrat stood before the press saying the war was already 'lost'.

Why didn't Palin at least mention that not so long ago Biden proclaimed the war in Iraq an unwinnable civil war and had urged breaking up the country into smaller pieces?

Why didn't she inquire about polls showing most Israelis favouring McCain if, as Biden claimed, our policy towards Israel was such a failure?

She let Biden off way too easily."

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Palin let Biden off because she didn't want to waste her debate time. Later, she said the pundits would flesh out the facts and errors. They have already caught Joe out about several and being Mr. Washington, he should know better.
Penny, USA

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