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Last Updated: Tuesday, 27 November 2007, 04:48 GMT
Peru court sentences coup backers
Alberto Fujimori
The men all served under Alberto Fujimori, now on trial
Ten former ministers in Peru have been sentenced for their part in a 1992 coup d'etat against their own government.

The men were members of the government of Alberto Fujimori when he suspended the opposition-controlled Congress and the constitution.

The Supreme Court found the men guilty of participating in the rebellion, known as the "auto-coup".

A former Interior Minister, Juan Briones, was sentenced to 10 years, while others received suspended terms.

Briones was found guilty of rebellion and abduction.

He must also pay compensation of 50,000 new sols ($16,600) to various people detained by security forces during the coup - among them the head of the current cabinet, Jorge Del Castillo - reported the Peruvian newspaper El Comercio.

Nine other former ministers received suspended sentences of four years, and together with Briones must pay a total of 3m new sols in civil reparations to the state.

Juan Briones, Jaime Yoshiyama, Carlos Bolona, Absalon Vasquez, Víctor Joy Way, Oscar de la Puente, Jaime Sobero, Alfredo Ross, Víctor Paredes and Augusto Antonioli

Mr Fujimori led the coup with the support of the military.

At the time, he claimed the move was necessary to tackle hyperinflation and a violent Maoist guerrilla group, the Shining Path.

About 70,000 people were killed during the military conflict with the Shining Path.

Mr Fujimori, meanwhile, is awaiting trial in Peru on human rights and corruption charges related to his time in office.

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