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State profile: Colorado

Colorado map
Colorado has historically been a Republican stronghold, backing Richard Nixon in 1960, twice rejecting Franklin D Roosevelt, and opting for Republican candidates in all presidential elections since 1992.

But it has also produced a number of liberal Democrats, notably Gary Hart, who was a senator until 1986.

And recent election results have demonstrated a possible swing to the Democrats in the state.

Population: 4,753,377 (ranked 22 among states)
Governor: Bill Ritter (D)
Electoral College votes: 9

The party has picked up two house seats, one senate seat and the Governorship since 2002.

Increasing urbanisation in this previously rural state is contributing to the Democratic surge, as is a steadily growing Hispanic population.

The Republicans still remain strong in the rapidly-growing Colorado Springs area, however, which is a bastion of religious and social conservatism. Registered Republican voters in the city outnumber Democrats two to one.

House of Representatives:
4 Democrat, 3 Republican
Senate: 1 Republican, 1 Democrat

Colorado's economy is based around Denver, and the hi-tech industries located there.

The city is the headquarters of cable giant QWest as well as many smaller firms, and recent concerns about terrorism have brought business for the hi-tech surveillance and other security firms based here.

Denver, the state capital, is the population centre, but it is the rest of the state which provides for Colorado's largest industry - tourism.

2004: Bush 52%, Kerry 47%
2000: Bush 51%, Gore 42%
1996: Clinton 44%, Dole 46%
The Rocky Mountain National Park and wealthy skiing resorts like Vail and Aspen are in the western part of the state; the picturesque Great Plains in the East.

Are you in Colorado? Will you be voting in 2008? How do you plan to vote? Send us your comments and predictions using the form below.

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I live in Aurora. I will be voting in 2008, but as the article suggests, I won't be voting along party lines, I'll be voting for who I think best represents my beliefs and who will be the better president for our country.

As it sits, Democrat or Republican, it appears I will be choosing between the lesser of two evils.
Alexis, Aurora, CO, USA

I am very excited about the prospect of Colorado turning blue (Democrat) in 2008. Having the Democratic Convention here is proof that this normally conservative stronghold region is leaning to a more liberal realm of thought. I will be voting for a Democrat in 2008 regardless of who the nominee is. In the primaries though I am supporting Obama.
Emily Lauer, Boulder, CO

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