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Last Updated: Thursday, 25 January 2007, 07:21 GMT
UN soldiers move into Haiti slum
UN peacekeepers in Port-au-Prince, Haiti - file photo
UN peacekeepers have an important presence in Haiti's capital
UN peacekeepers in Haiti say they have set up a stronghold in one of the largest and most violent slums of the capital, Port-au-Prince.

The stronghold is to be a centre for operations against armed gangs, a UN spokesperson told the BBC.

The UN troops came under fire as they moved into the Cite Soleil shantytown, but the UN contradicted reports that several people had been wounded.

UN peacekeepers, in Haiti since 2004, have stepped up patrols in Cite Soleil.

They were sent to the country to maintain order after a revolt ousted the former President, Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

On Wednesday, Brazilian soldiers of the UN mission took over an abandoned building used by gangs.

Hundreds of people have died in Port-au-Prince in clashes between rogue police officers, ex-rebels and gangs.

The Brazilian-led UN force includes more than 8,000 soldiers and police supported by some 1,000 civilian personnel.

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