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Last Updated: Tuesday, 31 October 2006, 14:27 GMT
Bloggers split over Cheney comments
Bloggers react to US Vice-President Dick Cheney's remarks that Iraqi militants are seeking to influence the US mid-term polls by stepping up attacks.


There's no question about it. Dick Cheney is absolutely right when he says that terrorists are "very much aware of our political calendar here". After all, Cheney would not be vice-president today had Bin Laden not issued his video shout-out to the American people in 2004.

Under the Republicans, Iraq has become a combination job fair and training ground for the terrorist networks.

The policies of this Republican administration have been a bonanza for the bad guys.

Leaving aside all other considerations about the war, it's fair to say that it has been the most spectacular national security failure in American history. Terrorist incidents ballooned from 3,192 in 2004 to 11,111 in 2005 alone. A third of those were in Iraq itself, while a distracted America failed to stop the other two-thirds elsewhere around the globe.


During an interview with Fox News, Dick Cheney said insurgents have increased the level of violence in Iraq in order to influence the American election.

Although the claim appears on its face reckless and contrary to the facts, one must consider the possibility that the vice-president was in fact referring to himself and his colleagues in the Bush administration as "insurgents".


Cheney took the message even further by claiming that terrorists are attempting to influence the US election.

"It's my belief that they're very sensitive of the fact that we've got an election scheduled," he said. Cheney said the insurgents believe "they can break the will of the American people," and "that's what they're trying to do".

Cheney's message couldn't be any clearer, a vote for the Democrats is a vote for the terrorists.

This is highly unusual behaviour for an American president and vice-president and, in many ways, only highlights just how extreme these two men actually are.


The increasingly combative tone from the White House signalled a co-ordinated GOP [Republican Party] effort to use every channel to remind conservatives why they should turn out to vote, despite what many say is their disenchantment with the Mark Foley page scandal, anger over escalating federal spending and anxiety over the course of the Iraq war.

President Bush rallies supporters

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