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Last Updated: Friday, 27 October 2006, 13:43 GMT 14:43 UK
Oaxaca teachers vote for return
Schoolchildren in Oaxaca
More than a million children have been left without classes
A majority of balloted teachers in the Mexican state of Oaxaca have voted to end a five-month strike, but the union says conditions have yet to be agreed.

Thousands of schools have been closed since the strike began, leaving 1.3 million children out of school.

The teachers have been joined in their protest by left-wing groups.

They want better conditions in schools and the removal from office of state Governor Ulises Ruiz, whom they accuse of abuse of power and electoral fraud.

At least five people have died in violence surrounding the protests - deaths which the protesters have blamed on police and armed gangs.

Senate criticism

A teaching union spokesman, Ezequiel Rosales, said about 60% of members had voted to end the strike.

Governor Ulises Ruiz
Protesters want Governor Ruiz removed from office
But he added that the union would not agree a return date until it had received guarantees from the Mexican government, including security for returning teachers.

However, other protesters are reported to have said they will continue in their efforts to unseat Governor Ruiz.

Last week, Mexico's Senate decided by a 74-31 vote that the state government had not ceased to function, a condition necessary to remove a governor from office.

But the Senate recognised that conditions of "ungovernability" existed in the state and criticised Mr Ruiz for failing to bring months of violent protests to an end.

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