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Last Updated: Wednesday, 10 May 2006, 05:24 GMT 06:24 UK
'Fat man' ends US walking journey
Steve Vaught
Media crews followed Mr Vaught on the final steps on his journey
A US man has completed a 13-month quest to lose weight by walking across his country, from California to New York.

Steve Vaught recorded his thoughts and experiences on a website, entitled The Fat Man Walking, drawing the attention of the media and supporters worldwide.

The 40-year-old, who weighed almost 30 stone (190kg) when he left San Diego, lost just over seven stone (45kg).

He said at the end of his trip he had found that being happier was the secret to being thinner.

Mr Vaught now plans to publish a book about his story, which has also attracted the attention of documentary film makers.

His website has attracted hundreds of thousands of hits and tens of thousands of people have e-mailed him.

This is not about obsessing about numbers, or times, or dates, or miles
Steve Vaught

Mr Vaught's 4,800km (3,000-mile) journey ended in a blaze of publicity, surrounded by media crews as he walked across the George Washington Bridge into Manhattan.

Before leaving for a hotel, he told reporters he looked forward to putting on a new pair of socks.

He reportedly got through 15 pairs of shoes, 30 pairs of socks and six rucksacks over the course of his journey.

'Not a hero'

Mr Vaught said he did not keep count of exactly how far he had walked or how much he had eaten along the way.

"This is not about obsessing about numbers, or times, or dates, or miles," he told the Associated Press news agency.

"It's just about going on a walk and sort of having time to get things straight."

Judging from the picture, Steve still has a way to go on the weight-loss front. Maybe he should walk back to California.
Steve, New York, USA

The happily-married father-of-two became depressed and started over-eating after he was involved in a car crash that left two people dead.

The eating disorder transformed the formerly fit US soldier into a man so overweight he could barely walk a few metres without becoming breathless.

"I'm not trying to be a hero or an icon to anyone," he told the BBC in March.

"I'm just an ordinary guy, trying to take control of my life and figure out where it went awry."

See Steve Vaught as he completes his trek

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