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US voters' views: Rhonda Buie

Rhonda Buie
Name: Rhonda Buie
Age: 25
Lives: Houston, Texas
Works: Artist
Last election voted: Democrat
In 10 words or less:
"Army veteran's wife, imperfect and independent political observer"

Last year, the State of the Union address was filled with unfulfilled promises and ideas that are still works in progress.

This year's State of the Union seemed more reserved, yet strangely familiar.

I was happy to hear of plans to strengthen the borders, as well as addressing the country's over-dependence on foreign oil and encouraging a switch to more environmentally- friendly means of energy production.

I would like to hear more plans for changing our energy sources across the board.

However, grand promises with little or no follow-through are something that I've come to expect from this administration.

I am also concerned about the deficit and the budget. Grand plans need money and we do not have it to spend.

On that same note, social security reform is still a highly debated issue, and I don't expect it to be passed any time soon.

For any of this to be achieved, however, partisan politics must be put aside.

Bush says that everyone must work together and that he will do his part, but then on the other hand, he seems to accuse anyone who thinks differently from him of being generally un-American.

I believe it would be wise for him not to insult the very people he's supposedly attempting to work with - the Democrats.

I can see his ratings going up after this speech for his grand, flowery images of the American Way or his talk of defeating terrorists and getting his own way in the world but I'm not sure how much of this he will actually follow through on.


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