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US voters' views: Jim Hill

Jim Hill
Name: Jim Hill
Age: 49
Lives: Sudbury, Massachusetts
Job: Equipment finance manager
Last election voted: Republican
In 10 words or less: "Family man, business owner, community volunteer, gardener, fisherman, sports fan"

This was a solid speech with some serious ideas to keep America safe and strong in the year ahead.

A president leads but Congress makes law. President Bush leads and sets a big agenda while he's at it.

He has accomplished many items so far in his second term, while fighting the obstruction-at-any-cost Democrats and being hampered by a weak-willed Republican Senate.

Bush made clear in this address that the obstructionist path of the Democrats in Congress is blocking social security reform to the detriment of Americans.

Unfortunately, I'm sure the Democrats will continue to put obstructionist politics over their job of running the country with the mid-term elections coming.

So I don't expect much to actually happen with the exception of continued expansion of existing education programmes and perhaps medical liability reform.

The Middle East, protecting America and defeating the defeatists in Congress will provide a full agenda for the administration this year.

Clearly Bush has achieved results during the past year including a strong growing US economy as a direct result of his tax reform.

US home ownership is at its highest level in history, employment numbers are up from those of his predecessor, and educational results are improving.

Bush has appointed two brilliant constitutionalists to the Supreme Court and has kept his promise to appoint true judges and not "judicial lawmakers".

He is leading a bipartisan renewal of the Patriot Act during continued partisan attacks against him while staying focused on keeping America safe.

Items Congress hasn't had the will to address, or wants to obstruct, such as social security reform, healthcare, illegal immigration and continued energy reform need to be seriously addressed and Bush has called on them to get to work.

Internationally, Bush has been the instigator of free elections in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Palestinian Territories.

He has clearly proven that the US is not the puppet master it is accused of being, but the leader of 'freedom-of-choice'.


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