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Behaviour crackdown on NY subway

Commuters on the New York subway
Good subway behaviour is set to be more heavily enforced in future

New York subway users could soon face fines of up to $100 if they drink coffee, put feet on seats or move between carriages on moving trains.

The rules were passed by the city's transport authorities on Monday, the New York Times reports.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has attracted criticism for his high-profile bans - such as smoking in public places - in his crackdown on anti-social behaviour.

But others welcome his attempts to make the city a more pleasant place.

The new set of passenger rules - due to be implemented on 1 October - were agreed by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's transit committee, the newspaper said.

'Common sense' enforcement

If passed by the full board on Wednesday, passengers will not be allowed to:

  • Drink from an open container on a moving train

    New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg
    Mr Bloomberg's high-profile bans have attracted criticism

  • Straddle a bicycle, ride a skateboard or wear in-line skates

  • Put feet on seats

  • Move between carriages, except when the train is at a station (even then, passengers are warned, it could be dangerous)

  • Jump turnstiles, even if they hold a valid ticket

They could face fines of between $25 (13) and $100 (55) if caught, the New York Times reports.

Nearly three-quarters of the city's 6,182 subway trains are said to have unlocked doors between carriages.

Some committee members expressed concerned at the authority's ability to enforce the new rules.

"It is, from time to time, convenient to absent oneself from a car or from a particular group of people," Mark Page, the city's budget director who represents Mayor Bloomberg on the board, was quoted by the paper as saying.

Assistant Chief Henry Cronin, of the police department's transit bureau, reportedly said officers would use their common sense about enforcing the new rules.

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