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Last Updated: Friday, 16 December 2005, 10:36 GMT
Lover gives stranger $15,000 ring
Diamond ring (archive)
The ring was encased in a box with a white bow
A disappointed lover in the US has left a $15,000 (8,500) diamond engagement ring in a stranger's unlocked car, accompanied by a heartfelt message.

"Hopefully this will land in the hands of someone you love, for my love is gone now," read the note.

The car's owner, from Westborough, 48km (30 miles) west of Boston, told police about his find after having it valued.

"This appears to be random, but we don't really know," police Lt Paul Donnelly told local media.

The three diamond white gold ring enclosed in a box with a white bow was placed in the car which was parked at the train station in Westborough, Massachusetts.

The anonymous message read: "Merry Christmas. Thank you for leaving your car door unlocked. Instead of stealing your car I gave you a present.

"Hopefully this will land in the hands of someone you love, for my love is gone now. Merry Christmas to you."

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