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Last Updated: Friday, 7 October 2005, 14:20 GMT 15:20 UK
Warning of New York subway threat
Security checks on the New York subway
Security has already been stepped up on the New York subway
Security is being stepped up on New York's underground railway network as city officials said they have received a "credible security threat".

Read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

I am currently on holiday in Manhattan - with a baby! Not only do I have to

take a pushchair with me everywhere but the baggage of a small baby is pretty substantial (nappies, cream, clothes etc. etc.). The thought of being searched at each and every subway is a nightmare - I think I will just walk for the rest of my holiday. I also don't particularly think that these random searches do make the subway any safer.
Wendy Boyd, Beaconsfield, UK

I took 2 buses today to get to work (which were packed full), but will definitely start taking the subway again from next week. Terror threats shouldn't dictate how we live our life, but being a little extra careful following a specific threat can't hurt either!
P Vagenas, New York

I'm off to New York with my girlfriend next week, and this does not put me off at all - I remember the attacks in London in the 70s and 80s, and if nothing they strengthen my resolve to not live in fear. To stay away would be the worst thing to do.
Glenn Allan, Cardiff, Wales

My backpack was searched this morning at Exchange Place PATH station. Police visibility is huge - 8 squad cars and 5 canine units at this location alone. Much higher than London has been all summer.
Steve, New York, NY

There is no fear in New York, only precautions
Roger, New York, New York
I commute to New York every day from New Jersey and I am in New York now. I took the subway to work today. I usually walk, but I wanted to make the point that New Yorkers will not allow terrorists to disrupt our lives. There is no fear in New York, only precautions.
Roger, New York, New York

I'm heading to New York this evening, and I'm expecting to be searched at Port Authority (the main bus terminal) and again at Grand Central Station. The delay is probably warranted, but being treated differently for being dark or Mediterranean looking in these circumstances is a minor annoyance. I won't let it ruin my weekend.
Paul Sireci, Washington, DC, USA

Additional measures when there is a perceived risk, whether or not it's dubbed 'credible' makes the goal of the attackers more difficult. A periodic inconvenience is something that will make public transportation more troublesome, but its purpose is to make that mode of transportation safer and more secure for all who make use of it.
Christopher Magee, Fairfax, VA USA

Once again two agencies charged with public safety seem better characterized by public feuding. Personally, I'd trust New York officials over the US DHS any day of the week, but it certainly doesn't inspire confidence in either to see their ignorance on display. For all their talk of "public perceptions" of terrorist threats, they seem woefully unaware of how foolish they themselves appear.
Steve, New York

My friends and family ride the subway everyday here. And no one's plans have or will change. It is an absolutely essential part of getting around the city (for those who cant spend $30 a day on taxi rides), threat or no threat.
Ben Wellington, Manhattan, NYC, NY

I now live in New York with our 9 month son. We'll be taking the subway today, with a stroller and a backpack for all our kit. I can understand now how New Yorkers feel after 9-11. I live in Battery Park City 5 mins walk from the WTC, and everyday people react very jumpily to unexpected sirens, fireworks, loud bangs. How could you not expect New Yorkers to feel threatened? I feel very safe here and feel their security is so good and efficient, and justified.
Juanita Rogers, New York, USA

I took a $30 taxi home last night. I know it's an unsustainable solution to a vague threat of violence, but I can't stand having an anxiety attack for 40 minutes each leg of my daily commute. The city's been buzzing with rumours and nervous energy since yesterday. I don't know what any of us are supposed to do about these threats, because they're not going to stop any time soon.
Lindsay, Brooklyn, NY

Bloomberg started running re-election ads about keeping NY safe right around when the city was warned about this. I'd hate to think he is employing the same kind of scare tactics which helped Bush get re-elected
Pat, NY, NY

In response to LS, NYC's comment, that is exactly what the London tube bombers did. Suicide bombers won't risk their plans being disrupted for the price of a ticket.
H, Yorkshire

As an ex-pat who was turfed out of many London buildings during the height of the IRA activity and the many lunchtime threats, my biggest concern is the contradictions between authorities in NY and DC - NY has put a terror plan in place and the feds in DC see not credibility in the threat. The apparent disconnect concerns me.
Howard S, Cherry Hill, NJ, USA

It can happen any day, any time, anywhere to anyone. We can't stop living our normal lives and live in fear which is exactly the intention of all terrorists
Monica, Edinbuburgh Scotland

I live in West New York NJ. I take shuttle from 42nd Street Port Authority to Grand Central for my work Now I decided to walk from Port A . It is a good exercise plus saving some money
Shan, West New York, NJ

I am flying to New York tomorrow, this has not and will not put me off going. All these threats are part of every day life now. I am looking forward to a great trip.
Bev, Burnley, UK

The rumoured security threat wouldn't stop me from visiting from New York, but the nuisance value of the seemingly inevitable knee-jerk reaction stop-and-search response certainly would.
Alan , Newcastle Upon Tyne

If the threat is real, then having random searches at the subway checkpoints is a joke. I don't think such a plan would be constructed with intentions of paying for your ride and crossing the turnstile. Either the explosives have already been planted or their positioning will not be accomplished by visible methods. I certainly don't feel any safer.

Instead of taking the subway home last night as usual, I walked more than a mile to the train station, waited in line to buy a one-way ticket to my neighbourhood in Queens, got on the commuter railroad, then walked about a half-mile home from the station. I plan on doing the same thing in reverse this morning, though I'll have to do it lugging two heavy bags, which I expect will be searched, for a flight I'm taking later. It takes more time, costs more money and is more exhausting, but it's worth it if it puts me less at risk.
Steve T., Forest Hills, NY

I go to NY every year and I would never let any of this affect my plans. So what if it takes you a bit longer to get where your going at least with all the precautions you will get there !
Denis Flanagan, Glasgow, Scotland

Won't focusing on bags and pushchairs just persuade any would-be bomber to use an alternative method, like the so-called 'shoe bomber' did? Doesn't that just make it harder to spot a likely terrorist as well as inconveniencing people? I would have thought that airport-style scanners are the only reliable answer, but I doubt that would be practical or cost-effective on an underground system.
Adam, London

I'm moving to New York tomorrow after living in London for over 10 years and will be getting the subway every day. I was also very close to the London terror attacks and they didn't change my actions one bit. Until sanity comes back to the world this is something we all have to live with, wherever we are..
Dave Lee, London, UK

Am on my way to New York next week for a holiday and to meet up with friends, this makes no difference to my plans although of course I will factor in extra search time and stay alert for risks. I would rather die in pain than live in fear.
Jacquie, Cambridge

I ride the trains (subway system) everyday in New York to go to and from work. And in the past year there have several instances of increased security due to terrorist threats, etc. And I have never been searched despite the fact that I carry with me a courier type bag on my back. I have noticed more police presence in the subway tunnels however for the most part they are just standing there sometimes not even paying attention to the commuters passing by. A lot of New Yorkers have said they feel safer after having this police presence, I however do not. Because, in my experience they aren't doing enough to keep us safe. Although, this could be my experience due to the fact that I am white and not of Middle Eastern descent. As you can see from the email from Jass, a fellow passenger on the trains, our experiences are quite the opposite of each other.
Jason, New York City, NY

I've just got back from New York. The security was tight most places I went to. I didn't mind being searched, in fact it gave me peace of mind. I probably felt safer in New York than I do in either Manchester or Liverpool.
Paul Charters, Cheadle Hulme,Cheshire

Why do the terror threats emerge or spike up when Mr. Bush's public approval ratings drop? It's quite a coincidence, which is too good to be true.
Henrick Rosario, Barcelona, Spain

I'm glad that this potential threat is being taken seriously
Roger, Luton, UK

Like Jen from Cardiff, I'm visiting New York soon. It's a trip I've been looking forward to for some time and I'm not going to let terrorists dictate what I do. I'm glad that this potential threat is being taken seriously and that measure to address it are in place, especially in light of what happened in London in July. Sadly, we can no longer say "that kind of thing will never happen here".
Roger, Luton, UK

I'll be attending a military reunion next week in New York. This doesn't bother me and won't stop me. The last 13 security alerts came at a time when the Bush administration was in trouble or needed to avail of one of the its most effective hypes for American voters - the threat of terrorist attacks. Coincidence?
Paul, Framingham, USA

I work for the NY Post and I deliver to a few subway stations on Lexington Avenue and Penn Station. As I was bringing the papers downstairs I was questioned by police. I don't mind it if it will keep my subways safe.
Jon Saccenti, Staten Island, NY

As a Sikh travelling using the subway everyday, I have to say it's made my life really difficult. I now build in search times for all my journeys and I'm getting used to the suspicious looks from fellow passengers. I guess it's a small price to pay for saving lives.
Jass, NY,NY

I'm due to travel to NY in less than four weeks (start of Nov) for a short city break. Nothing will stop me from going. I've had my heart set on this holiday for a while and I'm determined to go and enjoy myself! If we listened to every danger or threat to our society both local and international, we'd never leave our front doors!
Jen, Cardiff

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