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Last Updated: Thursday, 22 September 2005, 18:24 GMT 19:24 UK
Evacuees' storm misery goes on
Thousands of people forced to abandon their homes in the wake of Hurricane Katrina are now on the move again as Hurricane Rita approaches.

The city of Houston, Texas, which took in many of the evacuees from New Orleans, has been served with its own evacuation order ahead of the storm.

The BBC News website spoke to two families now enduring their second upheaval in less than a month.


Eric Falkins moved with his mother, his sister and her one-year-old baby from the Reliant Park convention centre in Houston to a house in the city two days ago.

He is now afraid the family, who were among the thousands trapped for days in the New Orleans Superdome, may be stranded in the path of another hurricane.

Eric Falkins with his sister Annie and her baby, at the Reliant convention centre in Houston, Texas
Eric Falkins says he sees no way to leave Houston without transport

"We are still in Houston," he said. "We don't have no transport. We'll have to find a bus. We are worried - we don't want to move again.

"They haven't given us no help, so my mother left. We don't want to keep moving, we want to go back to New Orleans."

Mr Falkins said he had been watching warnings about Hurricane Rita on television but had been given no practical advice on how to get out of Houston.

All his family have to carry with them are two television sets and some clothes.

He said: "When the first hurricane came, Katrina, everybody thought it was a joke. It might happen the same way this time. I'm worried about it - I have no transportation.

"In New Orleans we could hear the roof coming in over our heads. We don't want to have that experience again. The Superdome was hell.

"We don't want to go back to another shelter - you don't get treated right in the shelters."


Peaches White, from the 7th district of New Orleans, left the Reliant Park convention centre two days ago.

Peaches White at the Reliant convention centre in Houston, Texas
Peaches White says her daughters have opted to stay in Houston

When the authorities told the Katrina evacuees they had to move again, most people opted to climb on a bus to Arkansas, she said.

However, she decided to head for Jackson, Mississippi, because it is closer to her beloved home city.

"I've just brought my two nephews. One of them is 16 and the other 17," she said.

But she is concerned for her two daughters. They have opted to stay behind in Houston despite the hurricane warnings because they have been given houses there.

Mrs White is considering buying another bus ticket to take her on to Atlanta, where she hopes more housing may be available.

"We keep moving but everybody is nice with their hospitality," she said. "People have helped us with stuff."


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