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Last Updated: Wednesday, 3 November, 2004, 10:49 GMT
At-a-glance: How the US vote unfolded
Hour-by-hour chronology of how the results came in for the US 2004 elections

  • 1049 GMT: White House chief of staff Andrew Card claims that President Bush has taken Ohio and won re-election by a "decisive margin".

  • 1039 GMT: President Bush has gone to bed for the night.

  • 1030 GMT: White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card is to make a statement on behalf of President Bush.

  • 1024 GMT: French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier says he "raises his hat to the American democracy". He tells French radio: "There has been an incredible turnout and a debate in which the entire world took interest."

  • 0951 GMT: George Bush leading John Kerry in New Mexico by only 3,600 votes, with 99% of precincts reporting, Associated Press reports. But at least 29,000 absentee or provisional ballots still remain to be counted.

  • 0944 GMT: John Kerry wins Wisconsin and its 10 electoral college votes, AP projects. This makes the count in the electoral college Bush 254, Kerry 252, with 270 needed to win the presidency.

  • 0919 GMT: Final total expected to top 115 million, 10 million more than in the 2000 election.

  • 0914 GMT: Ohio will begin counting provisional ballots at 1500 GMT. These are the ballots cast by people whose qualification to vote is being challenged in legal suits.

  • 0905 GMT: Senate Democrats' leader Tom Daschle projected to lose his seat, the first time a party leader has done so for more than half a century.

  • 0849 GMT: President George W Bush will not wait for concession by John Kerry before declaring victory, Bush aides say. One aide describes Kerry to AFP news agency as "delusional" for not conceding defeat in Ohio.

  • 0838 GMT: John Kerry wins Michigan, George Bush takes Nevada, according to Associated Press projections.

  • 0820 GMT: European shares jumped to fresh six-month highs on investor hopes that President George W Bush would win a second term.

  • 0750 GMT: US networks CBS, Fox and CNN call Michigan, a swing state carrying 17 electoral college votes, for John Kerry.

  • 0735 GMT: John Kerry is projected to win Hawaii's four Electoral College votes according to AP.

  • 0730 GMT: Democrats "will fight for every vote to be counted", vice-presidential candidate John Edwards says in Massachusetts.

  • 0722 GMT: Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell says it would take 11 days to get a final result in the state, with thousands of provisional votes from troops overseas still to be counted.

  • 0720 GMT: Michigan will go to Mr Kerry, according to the CBS News prediction.

  • 0713 GMT: Iowa's result will be delayed because some vote counting machines have broken down.

  • 0709 GMT: The Ohio result continues to divide the US television networks, with CNN saying it is too close to call.

  • 0704 GMT: The dollar and US stock index futures have risen amid predictions of a Bush victory in the crucial states of Ohio and Florida.

  • 0701 GMT: Montana is set to have its first Democrat governor in 16 years with farmer Brian Schweitzer projected to beat Republican Secretary of State Bob Brown.

  • 0654 GMT: Democrat Ken Salazar is set to become the first Hispanic senator in more than 25 years as he is projected by Associated Press to win in Colorado.

  • 0644 GMT: Bush ally Richard Burr is projected for a clear win over Democratic ex-White House chief of staff Erskine Bowles in the North Carolina Senate contest triggered when John Edwards retired to run for vice-president.

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  • 0639 GMT: President Bush needs to win Ohio, where his lead is just 2% with 9% of votes still to be counted, and one other state to be re-elected.

  • 0631 GMT: A motorcade leaves the White House en route to the Reagan Centre in Washington DC, where Republican supporters have gathered.

  • 0629 GMT: The manager of the Kerry-Edwards campaign predicts the Democratic challenger will win Ohio when 250,000 remaining votes are counted in the state.

  • 0614 GMT: With only a handful of states still to be called, Mr Kerry has taken New Hampshire, according to Associated Press predictions.

  • 0612 GMT: In the House of Representatives polls, Republicans have won 207 seats and are leading in 22 others, which could give them 11 more seats than needed for a majority.

  • 0609 GMT: Vice-President Dick Cheney is on his way to the White House to meet President Bush.

  • 0604 GMT: As all eyes turn to Ohio, NBC joins Fox News in forecasting a Bush win in the key swing state but Ohio's secretary of state says all the provisional ballots might have to be counted before the winner is known.

  • 0600 GMT: President Bush has taken Alaska, according to Associated Press projections.

  • 0550 GMT: Despite Fox News calling Ohio for Bush, there are still at least 100,000 votes to come in the largely Democratic Cuyahoga County.

  • 0548 GMT: John Kerry is set to win Washington state, according to Associated Press projections but celebrations are gathering pace among Republican supporters in Washington DC.

  • 0545 GMT: Maine's vote will not be split and all four of its electoral college seats will go to the Democrats, says Reuters - it was thought earlier President Bush could get one of the state's seats.

  • 0543 GMT: The key swing state of Ohio has gone to President Bush, says a Fox News projection, although the polls are still open.

  • 0540 GMT: Minnesota is projected for Mr Kerry and Fox News predicts he will win New Hampshire - which was won by the Republicans in 2000.

  • 0530 GMT: Voting is still taking place in parts of Ohio. Electoral officials said one of the precincts at Kenyon College in Knox County had a long line of people waiting to vote and it could go on for several hours.

  • 0522 GMT: Colorado is called as voting for President Bush in the latest ABC projection.

  • 0518 GMT: Beaming senior Bush adviser Karen Hughes tells Republican supporters in Washington the Florida result is great and adds: "I have a feeling we're going to have some very, very good news before the night's over."

  • 0516 GMT: Mr Kerry has taken Oregon's seven electoral college votes, according to Associated Press projections.

  • 0512 GMT: Voters in 10 states - Oklahoma, Georgia, North Dakota, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Montana, Utah, Mississippi and Arkansas - have approved a ban on gay marriages, early returns suggest.

  • 0504 GMT: The swing state of Oregon is set to be taken by Mr Kerry, according to NBC projections - it was won by the Democrats in 2000 by less than half a percentage point.

  • 0454 GMT: ABC News figures from Florida suggest President Bush has won 54% of the Hispanic vote - up from 49% in 2000 - the Democrat share fell from 48% to 46%.

  • 0452 GMT: Newspaper reporters say they heard cheers go up in the West Wing of the White House when Florida was called for President Bush.

  • 0447 GMT: In one of the most fiercely-fought Senate races, Tom Coburn is set to succeed fellow Republican Don Nickles in Oklahoma, defeating Democrat Brad Carson.

  • 0442 GMT: Turnout in Florida is up more than a million - six million people voted in 2000 and 6.9m votes have been counted so far in this election.

  • 0440 GMT: ABC News calls Florida for President Bush - the state carries a crucial 27 electoral college votes and was controversially won by the Republicans by just 537 votes in 2000.

  • 0435 GMT: The key swing state of Florida looks promising for President Bush - projections after reports from 95% of precincts suggest he is ahead by four points.

  • 0439 GMT: Independent candidate Ralph Nader says he will be back to fight another election despite ABC suggestions that he will win fewer votes than he did in 2000.

  • 0417 GMT: Early signs from Ohio appear good for President Bush, who has a four-point lead after reports from 54% of precincts.

  • 0413 GMT: Colorado voters have overwhelmingly backed a proposed 64 cent tax hike on a pack of cigarettes, according to Reuters reports of early returns.

  • 0416 GMT: Colorado has come out for President Bush, predicts CBS News.

  • 0412 GMT: Democrat Ron Wyden has easily won a second full Senate term in Oregon, defeating cattle rancher named Al King, according to CBS and NBC networks projections.

  • 0410 GMT: In the Congress battles, ABC predicts the Republicans will keep control of the House of Representatives and AP tips them to retain the Senate too.

  • 0406 GMT: California is tipped to go to the Kerry camp, says Associated Press.

  • 0406 GMT: George W Bush wins are projected in Idaho and Arizona.

  • 0355 GMT: Reports 191,000 absentee ballots may come into play in a close presidential race in New Mexico prompt speculation that the state's results will not be known until Wednesday night.

  • 0351 GMT: John Kerry has won the key swing state of Pennsylvania, which has 21 electoral college seats, according to Associated Press projections - the state voted Democrat in 2000.

  • 0344 GMT: All five of Nebraska's electoral college votes are tipped by Associated Press to be won by President Bush.

  • 0338 GMT: With over 80% of precincts reporting in Florida, Bush is projected to have a four point lead.

  • 0333 GMT: Senior Kerry aide Joe Lockhart says the challenger is "bullish" about his prospects.

  • 0331 GMT: US oil prices climb back above $50 a barrel on back of speculation of early Bush lead.

  • 0325 GMT: Backers of amendment to distribute electoral votes of Colorado proportionally accept defeat as voters opt to stay with "winner-takes-all" system, Agence France-Presse reports. If passed, measure could have taken effect for this election.

  • 0310 GMT: As counting in the Senate elections continues, Democrat Harry Reid is easily heading for a fourth term, say US television network projections. He won by just 400 votes in 1998.

  • 0308 GMT: Missouri is going to President Bush in a tighter than expected race, predicts ABC News, and the US television networks tip him to take Arkansas too.

  • 0303 GMT: Responding to the president's photo call, Kerry spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter says: "He doesn't have the votes but he has a picture." Another senior Democrat aide says President Bush is "nervous, as he should be".

  • 0301 GMT: Montana has gone to President Bush, according to AP predictions.

  • 0250 GMT: Among the 11 governorship battles, former Bush administration official Mitch Daniels is set to topple Democrat Joe Kernan to become Indiana's new governor, says AP.

  • 0250 GMT: North Dakota Republican John Hoeven, Vermont Republican Jim Douglas and North Carolina Democrat Mike Easley have won second terms, according to AP projections.

  • 0250 GMT: As President Bush watches the results roll in with his family, he says he is "very upbeat" and believes he will win.

  • 0245 GMT: Nebraska is being called for President Bush by both AP and ABC, but both say that so far he will get only four of the state's five electoral college votes.

  • 0225 GMT: A Bush win is tipped in Louisiana, says AP, giving the president a 172 to 112 lead in the electoral college predictions.

  • 0224 GMT: Mississippi is set to go to President Bush, predicts AP.

  • 0220 GMT: With 13% of the votes counted, AP puts President Bush on 54% with 10,454,392 votes and Mr Kerry on 45% with 8,996,316.

  • 0214 GMT: Michigan, taken by the Democrats in 2000, is too close to call, says the Fox television network.

  • 0208 GMT:A Kerry win is predicted in New York by the US television networks, while AP says he is set to win Rhode Island.

  • 0205 GMT: President Bush is projected to win North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Kansas, Nebraska and Texas, according to the US television networks.

  • 0200 GMT: Almost half of Florida's polling stations are still open and in a legal dispute Republicans are trying to delay counting of half a million absentee ballots until Thursday something that would mean certainly no result on Tuesday night.

  • 0153 GMT: In the first projected net gain of the night, ABC suggests the Republicans will take one of Maine's four electoral college votes rather than them all going to Mr Kerry.

  • 0146 GMT: Polls are extended by an hour-and-a-half in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania - seen as good news for Mr Kerry, whose wife comes from the state.

  • 0142 GMT: In the Senate elections in Arkansas, Democrat Blanche Lambert Lincoln has beaten Republican candidate Jim Holt, according to Reuters predictions.

  • 0138 GMT: South Carolina is set to vote for President Bush, says ABC, giving him a 102-78 lead in the projected electoral college.

  • 0134 GMT: President Bush is projected to win Virginia, according to the ABC television network.

  • 0128 GMT: North Carolina is going to President Bush, projects AP, giving him a 81-78 vote lead in the electoral college on the projected results.

  • 0117 GMT: Queues of voters are still waiting to get to the polls in parts of Pennsylvania, which holds 21 electoral college results.

  • 0110 GMT: In Ohio, the Democrats tell ABC news the federal court judge in Franklin County has ordered Knox and Franklin Counties to offer queuing voters an alternative to touch screens so they can vote.

  • 0108 GMT: Kerry victories in New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland and Massachusetts are predicted by AP, putting the Democratic challenger ahead on the projections by 78 electoral college votes to Mr Bush's 66.

  • 0107 GMT: Mr Kerry is projected to win Maine, says AP.

  • 0105 GMT :Democrat Barack Obama has easily won the Senate race in Illinois, predicts AP, and will be the fifth black senator in US history.

  • 0105 GMT: John Kerry is set to take Delaware and the District of Columbia, says Associated Press.

  • 0102 GMT: Oklahoma, Alabama and Tennessee are set to go to President Bush, says Associated Press.

  • 0056 GMT: A Bush win is projected for South Carolina, which has eight electoral college votes, says CBS News.

  • 0045 GMT: The Democrats in Ohio say they have asked a judge to allow voting to be extended in the state because people were still queuing to vote when the polls officially closed.

  • 0038 GMT: In the Senate race in Ohio, Republican George Voinovich is predicted by NBC, ABC and Fox networks to beat Democrat Eric Fingerhut.

  • 0035 GMT: Ohio, seen as a key battleground state, is too close to call, report the US networks.

  • 0032 GMT: President Bush is predicted to win West Virginia, says ABC - the state traditionally won by the Democrats but was carried by the Republicans in 2000.

  • 0028 GMT: Virginia, which had been tipped to be taken by President Bush, is too close to call, say the NBC and CBS television networks.

  • 0020 GMT: Democrat Evan Bayh has won a second term in the Senate for Indiana, according to US television networks' projections.

  • 0012 GMT: In the Senate race, the Fox and NBC networks say Republican Johnny Isakson is set to win in Georgia, succeeding Zell Miller, the Democrat who has campaigned for President Bush.

  • 0005 GMT: Bush wins are predicted in Georgia, Indiana and Kentucky while John Kerry is projected to win Vermont, says Associated Press.

  • 0001 GMT: The CBS television network predicts victory for George W Bush in Georgia.

  • 2357 GMT: Turnout is up 9% to 72% from the 2000 election, says AP on the basis of early returns in Jefferson County, Kentucky, where polling stations closed at 2300

  • 2348 GMT: The first polling places close - in the eastern parts of Indiana and Kentucky.

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