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Last Updated: Monday, 6 September, 2004, 09:15 GMT 10:15 UK
Voters' views: Laura Stietz
In the run up to the American presidential elections we will be asking a panel of voters to share their views on the key issues. Here they give their opinion on last week's Republican convention.

Laura Stietz:
Sidney, New York

Neil Sherman
Neil Sherman:
Germantown, Tenn.

Jorge Caspary:
Tallahassee, Florida
Corey Harrison:
Chicago, Illinois

Nancy O'Leary Pew
Nancy Pew:
Seattle, Washington

Gary Webb
Gary Webb:
Sacramento, C'fornia

Laura Stietz

Laura Stietz
Name: Laura Stietz
Age: 31
Lives: Sidney, New York
Works: Law student
Current voting intention: Republican
In 10 words or less:
"Definite Republican, mother, George Bush supporter, politics and law enthusiast"
Well the convention went quickly and I am sorry it has ended so fast.

It was an amazing week and I think now the voters will be clearer on whom they should vote for. Arnold and Zell Miller were fantastic and spoke the truth about Kerry.

He needs to speak about his 20 years in the Senate and stop flip-flopping on so many issues. Kerry would not be a good candidate for the White House at all.

President Bush's speech was amazing and moving, I wish it could have been longer.

I was just mesmerised by this down to earth man and I cannot understand why people do not like him, he is so likeable and warm and big hearted.

Our panel - Where they live

If it came down to him protecting me I would feel so safe and he is pro small business which is wonderful!

I like his ideas for health care for small businesses where they could purchase as a group, that is a great idea and would really help businesses.

He also wants more funding for community colleges which is great.

He is for liberty and freedom and that is what our founding fathers were for, he has values and morals and has restored morals to the White House.

I am sure swing voters saw this and they will vote for the right man. God bless you George W Bush!

Send us your comments on Laura's views using the form below.

Your comments:

I find it highly patronising to hear President Bush and his administration mention terrorists and Iraq in the same breath
Enrique, Chicago, USA
I'm one of those Americans that can distinguish between the real war on terror and the Iraqi invasion. I find it highly patronising to hear President Bush and his administration mention terrorists and Iraq in the same breath. The President talks about fighting the terrorists on their turf so that we don't have to fight them on ours. Of all the suspected terrorists that have been arrested since 9/11, how many have been Iraqis?
Enrique, Chicago, USA

If Bush had so many great ideas, how come he hasn't been working on them over the first four years? His acceptance speech should highlight the goals he has been working on, give a progress report on those goals, and how he is going to finish up the next four years achieving them.
Dan, Denver, CO, USA

First of all, let us all respect Laura's opinion. It is the foundation of this country to have free speech. However, I respectfully disagree with her. It sounded to me like a very quick attempt to justify Bush for another four years without giving it much thought. Let's be serious and analyse what Americans were promised four years ago and what has been delivered. Exactly! Nothing!
Gilberto, Monterrey, Mexico

I disagree with Laura's opinion on Bush, but thought it was most interesting how she chose to end her thoughts by stating "God bless...". As a recent ad campaign by a religious group states, God is not a Republican or a Democrat, and there are many people, including myself, who find it offensive that a higher power belonging to no individual group is often invoked as being 'for' or 'against' a candidate. Sounds like yet another brainwash to me.
Jennifer, Delaware, USA

I find it funny that the majority of the people who are going to vote for Kerry aren't actually voting for Kerry, they are in fact voting against Bush. The majority of you don't know that much at all about Kerry. Yet you stand around and ridicule Laura for having the guts to take a stand and tell us what she thinks.
Scott, USA

I couldn't get myself so worked up about Kerry
Charles, London, UK
I agree with Laura and have always been impressed with Bush. It is interesting how hysterical those who are anti-Bush become. I couldn't get myself so worked up about Kerry.
Charles, London, UK

Laura's ability to ignore reality and live in a fantasy world of propaganda and happy talk, is the reason why I've slowly been losing pride in being American. We'll see on 2 November if the pride returns or if it goes away for ever.
David, London, UK

Go Laura! Tell it like it is! You must have hit a nerve with the loony liberals. Their idea of a "lie" is anything they don't like and the "truth" is anything that sounds good for their candidate. They would not know a fact if it hit them in the face.
Merc Monty, Indianapolis, USA

Laura has simply regurgitated the Republican talking points without any critical thought. I would think a law student could do better. Flip-flopping? I would not consider it flip-flopping when an individual learns new relevant information and changes their position accordingly - when you learn the president did not tell us the truth about WMDs, nor did he execute the Iraq war effort in the way promised (as a last resort and with broad multinational help) you could reasonably change your position on supporting the president's decisions about that war.
Lindsay, Evanston, IL, USA

I agree that Bush is decisive and unwavering, but a person can persevere in error, and this is exactly what this administration is doing. Bush makes his policies based upon his beliefs and ignores any evidence to the contrary. We have no environmental laws left, the deficits are ballooning and we're now one of the least liked countries on the planet. Why would anybody vote for Bush just because he "seems" likeable?
Stephen, Atlanta, GA, USA

Right on, Laura! I think the other comments on your views shows just how blinkered anti-Bush ranters are. As soon as you get any politician who is willing to state their principles and stick to them, be sure that liberals will cry foul.
Paul, UK

Paul, UK: Please check your dictionary for the definition of the words Liberal and Conservative. Then ask yourself which you would rather have lead you through a new and unconventional war such as the war on terror.
Abraham, Oxford, USA

Bush is doing nothing to unite the country
Ron Adams, USA
First, I would like say that I respect Laura's comments and her courage to put them forth. I do disagree with her opinion of Bush however, and it is always interesting to see how strongly diverse views on him can be. One powerful reason to not vote for Bush is that Bush is doing nothing to unite the country. The "you are with us or against us" mentality will ultimately defeat a country that faces challenging problems at home and abroad.
Ron Adams, USA

Bush speaks more than one language and I'm proud to say that it isn't French! Bush did exactly the right thing in Iraq and I support him and our brave coalition troops that are fighting our enemies there, instead of here!
Thomas Dobson, Santa Rosa, California, USA

I can't believe that you've bought into all the Republican rhetoric about John Kerry being a flip-flopper. Your comments on Bush's speech are identical to millions of other narrow minded Republicans. Bush offered no solid plans on how to end the war on terror, finish the job in Iraq or get our economy back on track. Just typical rhetoric about America's God given right to spread its superior form of democracy through violence and pre-emptive, go it alone strategies. I consider myself a moderate, and I was not swayed by Bush's rhetoric.
Micah, Conway, Arkansas, USA

Unfortunately our mutual safety, security and prosperity is highly dependent on the whims of the US electorate. Whilst they remain willing to vote for people who have only their own narrow interests at heart, the future of all people is imperilled. When will Americans wake up to the fact that installing neo-conservatives into the most powerful positions on the planet helps no one but those self serving politicos and their peers.
Huw, UK

The Republican Party only reaches out to moderates once every four years
Ned Baker, USA
So this is the power of rhetoric and heavy indoctrination! It shouldn't be lost on people that the Republican Party only reaches out to moderates once every four years. Make no mistake, their policies do not have the average American at heart.
Ned Baker, USA

Interesting that Laura Stietz feels that George Bush is a protector - given that he has done so much to encourage the recruitment of radical terrorists. One thousand American soldiers dead, not to mention the thousands of Iraqi civilians, and for what? Don't tell me that the US and its citizens are safer now than they were before the invasion of Iraq. It boggles the mind that people could possibly think of Bush as making them safer.
Dan Silver, Kingston, Canada

Laura is very typical of staunch Republican voters. She prefers to believe in all of the lies she is told simply because they are attractive lies that tally with how she wants the world to be. The sad truth is that there are many Americans like Laura, unwilling to open their eyes and see that the Republican Party stands for rich Americans and does everything it can in order to make the rich richer and the poor poorer.
James Stanforth, Ft Lauderdale, Fl, USA

I think Laura is living in some kind of dream world. President Bush and his cronies will ruin this country, if not the world. The conservative doctrine right now, is literally, to 'save the world'. And make lots of money along the way. She needs to see Fahrenheit 9/11 soon.
Chris Miller, Manitou Springs, CO, USA

Laura, this is not a popularity contest. We are not electing the guy who would be most fun to have a beer with.
Heather, USA

Complete nonsense! The reason you can't understand why someone wouldn't like George Bush is because you are completely blind to reality and the facts. He has lied to the entire nation in order to invade a country that has never threatened the USA or had any connection with international terrorism, and made the world a considerably more dangerous place. To claim he is fit for office because he is 'down to earth' beggars belief, while at the same time deriding Kerry because he actually has an education, is able to speak more than just one language, and has some scope for understanding the world as a whole.
Jon, UK


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