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Last Updated: Wednesday, 27 August, 2003, 11:03 GMT 12:03 UK
Bush doll has waiting list
President Bush action figure
The George Bush action man: Ready for anything
A US toymaker's latest Elite Force action figure is attracting interest and derision in equal measure.

An ardent virtual queue of patriots is stretching around the cyberspace block, waiting to get their hands on their very own pint-sized model of Elite Force Aviator: George W Bush.

The action figure is a 1:6 scale replica of the commander-in-chief's appearance during his visit to the USS Abraham Lincoln on 1 May to announce the end of the war in Iraq.

Manufacturer Blue Box Toys says the $39.99 (25.45) figure is "a fitting addition to the collection of those interested in US military memorabilia," but enthusiasts will have to wait until 31 October because of high advance orders.

According to manufacturers, the fully-poseable figure features:

  • a realistic head sculpt
  • fully detailed cloth flight suit
  • helmet with oxygen mask
  • survival vest
  • g-pants
  • parachute harness


    But not everyone has welcomed the doll.

    Mark Morford, a columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, last week wrote: "There he is, all faux manly and squinty and artificially buffed up, his gull-wing ears toned down and the thin-lipped brow-furrowed monkey confusion so common to his scrunched little face apparently erased."

    President Bush's appearance in full US pilot regalia was justified because he partly flew the S-3B Viking aircraft that took him to the aircraft carrier.

    But the flight and visit were denounced by some commentators as a political stunt.

    Mr Bush never saw combat during the Vietnam war, because he remained in the US with the national guard.

    In December 2002 a President Bush doll celebrating his best-loved gaffes sold out in a week.

    The foot-tall figures featured clips, including: "We're working hard to put food on your family," and "I will not hold this nation hostile".

    Dubya doll flies off shelves
    10 Dec 02  |  Americas


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