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Last Updated: Thursday, 3 July, 2003, 15:43 GMT 16:43 UK
Giant chip causes auction frenzy
There have been several jumbo chip finds in the state of Wisconsin
A British man has sold what he claims could be the world's largest chip on an auction website for $200.

Simon Holland, originally from London, was visiting a Culver's chain restaurant in the US state of Wisconsin for a meal when he discovered the 6.75 inch (17 cm) crinkle-cut chip in a family member's meal.

But instead of eating the tasty deep-fried snack, he saved it, placed it in a plastic bag and froze it with the intention of selling it online.

After a frenzied bidding war, the chip was finally sold on EBay to an anonymous bidder who referred to themselves only as "Culver's Fan".

"I could probably write the book 'How to Sell a French Fry on EBay'," he joked to a local newspaper.

Fierce competition

However, the final bid may have disappointed Mr Holland, who jested to the Marshfield News Herald he hoped to sell it for more.

"I'm counting on this fry making us at least one million dollars," he said before the auction.

Mr Holland's chip also faces fierce competition, after two restaurant employees at a Chips fast food restaurant in Wisconsin found a chip reportedly about eight inches long.

Other chips of up to seven inches in length have been reported in the state.

On news of the sale, the Culver's restaurant franchise owners celebrated by handing out free slices of custard cake.

The episode has also left staff at Culver's headquarters somewhat bemused.

"In my almost eight years of working here, that is the longest French fry I ever heard of," laughed director of public relations Barbara Behling.

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