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Last Updated:  Friday, 14 March, 2003, 15:41 GMT
Honduras acts over child killings
Honduran street children
The Honduran Government is to create a special commission to investigate the deaths of 1,569 street children in the past five years.

The Permanent Commission on the Physical and Moral Integrity of Children will search for those responsible for the deaths, Interior Secretary Ramon Hernandez said.

The commission will include church leaders and government officials.

The move comes a month after the human rights group Amnesty International began a six-month campaign to stop the deaths of street children in Honduras.

'Extrajudicial executions'

Amnesty International says that, despite various efforts, the government has not managed to prosecute the killers of even a minimal number of the children.

Last month, the group said "the Honduran Government must not shirk its obligations and continue to ignore the murders and extrajudicial executions" of children.

It said that although in most case perpetrators were unidentified persons, testimonies from survivors and witnesses indicate that police officers could be responsible for some killings.

"In those cases where there have been allegations of participation of the security forces the authorities have not acted with diligence to determine the involvement of police or army personnel in the murders," the group said.

Amnesty International also urged the authorities in Tegucigalpa to come up with a concrete plan and timetable of action to solve the problem.

According to the group, 556 street children were killed in 2002.

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