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President for a day: 'Fasten your seat belts'

L-R: Tanzania's Jakaya Kikwete, Nigeria's Olusegun Obasanjo, the late John Garang, DRC's Joseph Kabila,South Africa's Nelson Mandela

Imagine you are your country's newly elected head of state.

The BBC's Network Africa programme is giving you the opportunity to broadcast your inaugural speech.

What would you change? What policies would you pursue? Who would you work with and who would you sack? What solutions would you bring to your country's problems. Who would be your allies in the international community and why? How much would you want to be paid? What would you contribute to Africa as a leader?

Read our president for a day inaugural addresses below and send us yours using the postform at the bottom of the page:

Every Monday to Friday, throughout February, the president of the day's speech will be broadcast on Network Africa and also added to this page so keep coming back to read the latest contribution.


His Excellency, President Joshua Ofei Darko:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you all very much. I am very grateful to the people of this great nation for giving me the mandate to serve.

Ghanaian Joshua Ofei Darko
President Joshua Ofei Darko wants his nation to work harder

I would also like to thank the previous government for the excellent work done.

Our nation can boast of being the only African country where the average citizen enjoys a three square meal each day.

Crime rate has also reduced drastically.

All these can be attributed to the hard work done by the previous government and I promise to continue from where they left off.

Fellow Ghanaians, the time has come for us to fasten our seat belts.

All we need to do as a nation is to work harder so as to achieve the status of an industrialised nation.

This can only be achieved if there is rule of law, hence my decision to increase the police force by 60% by the close of my tenure of office.

Cleanliness and Godliness

It is said that cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Most of the prevalent illnesses in our country are as a result of filth.

A chunk of state funds spent on health could be channelled into providing social amenities, for our brothers and sisters in the rural areas if we are able to manage our refuse efficiently.

I therefore declare war on garbage!

Anyone caught littering would be arrested and detained for 72 hours.

The future of Ghana depends on the firm foundation that we lay today.

We therefore need to instil discipline in our children so they can be in the right position to manage the resources of our dear nation. As the government provides better schools I expect parents to do their part by imparting good morals to their children. This I believe would go a long way to reduce the numbers of teenage pregnancy and school drop outs.

Also, my government will rid our streets from hawkers and street kids.

A special school would be established to train and equip them with the skills that can help them make ends meet.

Any child seen loitering about at an unholy hour in spite of these provisions will be arrested and detained for 72 hours and the parents will be tasked to pay a huge fine.

Thank you very much and may God bless you all.

When Joshua, 26, is not the president of the day, he is an internal auditor in Ghana.


His Excellency, President Stilson Muhwezi:

Fellow Ugandans: Few imagined that this victory was possible!

Ugandan Stilson Muhwezi
President Stilson Muhwezi will be an example in practising patriotism

In the same way, together we can make our common dream a reality.

Like I promised during my campaigns, my leadership is going to be a revolutionary one. Public interest will be above self interest. Nobody, and I repeat, nobody, will be above the law.

Those who enjoyed committing crimes of all sorts with impunity will find the hand of the law irresistible!

To those corrupt officials who ripped the public and enjoyed protection from the 'high offices', I say your time has come to not only face the law but also pay back.

Those that thrived on profits from lucrative contracts and did shoddy work will find my administration unpalatable.

It is time for every Ugandan to practice meaningful patriotism - and I pledge to be an example.

Fast-tracking oil production

My administration will engage in dialogue with those who are willing, but will not hesitate to crush those elements that intend to disrupt our fragile peace.

For those teachers who labour to ensure that our children's future is well shaped, my administration will be a good partner until the glory of the teaching profession is restored.

Uganda is not a poor country, contrary to what we have been told for decades.

This administration will start with fast-tracking oil production in western Uganda and ensure that the revenue from oil is used for the benefit of our country. Within four years of my presidency, I will ensure that 90% of our budget is funded by us.

Finally, I ask all Ugandans to get to work and make this fundamental change a reality.

When Stilson, 28, is not the president of the day, he is an university student in Kampala.


His Excellency, President Oloche Okwori:

Congratulations fellow Nigerians for electing a healthy president for the first time in the history of our great but infamous nation.

Nigeria's problem is not corruption as widely postulated - it is rather the name Nigeria. The name is meaningless, a joke and bad luck
President Oloche Okwori

To celebrate this momentous occasion I hereby declare a four-day national holiday with effect from tomorrow.

This administration has change as its prime priority.

Nigeria's problem is not corruption as widely postulated - it is rather the name Nigeria.

The name is meaningless, a joke and bad luck.

I believe once we get the right name everything else will naturally fall in place.

For this reason the first four years of my administration will be dedicated to finding a new name. I will appoint a committee of 37 wise men to represent each of our 36 states and the federal capital to research and find a new name for us.

Still on change, I hereby rename our darling national football team from Super Eagles to Good-luck Eagles. I will also change the name of all failed and failing state parastatals.

Finally, since organising elections is always a logistical nightmare hence forth getting a new president will be done my selection.

I alone will elect the next president.

God bless Nigeria and thank you for listening.

When Oluche is not the president of the day, he lives in Nigeria.


His Excellency, President Cecil Cole Showers:

My fellow Sierra Leoneans may I express my appreciation to you for making me president.

I will also make sure that free medical treatment, free education and job opportunities will be available in the country so that my government will live forever
President Cecil Cole Showers

Let me be brief.

My first task as your president will be to try and make the entire citizenry free of corrupt people and also instil good behaviour.

However, that will not mean that I will not take care of my friends.

My cabinet will look like this: All my immediate relatives will occupy the enviable positions in my government and my immediate colleagues will occupy all the important positions in all the parastatal offices.


However, because I have to be seen to be working, all ex-ministers and ex-government officials will go through a commission of enquiry.

I will also make sure that my predecessors have all what it takes to be comfortable and I will not allow them to be like one of our former presidents, who is now suffering.

I will try to improve the capacity of the Sierra Leone military because these are forces that need to be improved on.

Finally my beloved Sierra Leoneans, I will also make sure that free medical treatment, free education and job opportunities will be available in the country so that my government will live forever.

Thanks you for making me your president. Thanks you very much.

When Cecil, 25, is not the president of the day, he works as a journalist in Sierra Leone.


His Excellency, President Tsangue Douanla Didymus:

My dear people of Sucameria, after four trials I have finally become president of this country.

Cameroonian Tsangue Douanla Didymus
President Didymus wants to thank Allah for his victory

Allah is great and the only person I need to thank for my victory.

Four times I came out campaigned and you refused to vote for me. That is until I learnt to play the game. You voted for me because of the money, T-shirts and beer I distributed during my campaigns.

Now is payback time.

I am going to increase all taxes so that I will be able to pay back the huge debts I incurred during the campaigns.

Oil revenues are going to be removed from the national budget. This should be the president's private pocket money.

As president, the parliament must do what I say because I am father of the nation. They must begin by passing a bill of immunity for the president. I cannot be tried afterwards for crimes I commit as president.

Indeed blessed

From now onwards succession is by birth, not by election, until after the fourth generation. I am already preparing one of my children to take over when I am too old to rule. This also means that as from today all opposition parties cease to exist.

It is unreasonable to oppose a president for life.

You are indeed blessed to have a president like me who doesn't foolishly copy old examples that have not been working and that will never work.

In Africa, we must create a new order and make it work.

Those who support me will be blessed but those who intend to oppose should better start thinking of where to migrate because this country will be too hot for them.

When Tsangue Douanla Didymus, 28, is not the president of the day, he lives in Yaounde in Cameroon, where he is training to become a teacher.


His Excellency, President Captain Isaac Bakka:

Fellow citizens, I want to thank you for entrusting me with the most important responsibility of leading our country.

I will stop Ugandan youth being exported to die in war zones
President Captain Isaac Bakka

It has been run on ad hoc systems for the last 44 years of independence, subjecting this great nation, which was endowed with great wealth and all kinds of natural resources such as oil, fertile land and fair weather - as our forefathers were inspired to put in our national anthem - to ruins.

Therefore with immediate effect, my government shall undertake to address the following national responsibilities, which I have considered very carefully to be the main sources of our suffering as a nation.

With immediate effect all members of the former government shall be investigated by a special judicial commission of inquiry which my government will set up soon, so that all those who have, with impunity, looted this, our nation, are charged.

Abolish fragmentation

All members of government who participate in corruption, tribalism, sectarianism, nepotism and witchcraft in broad daylight, which has given rise to all kinds of human sacrifice, and gross violation of human rights shall be investigated and culprits charged in the courts of law for treason.

The reinstatement of cultural institutions shall be put to a national referendum, before they are allowed to exist.

My government shall undertake to redesign our country's districts and abolish fragmentation of our country into little pieces. I will create eight federal states, and maintain Kampala City as the federal capital of Uganda, the federal republic.

My government will institute a commission of inquiry into the national army and the police force, with view to redesign an army and police force to a size Ugandan economy can afford. I will stop Ugandan youth being exported to die in war zones around the world. Instead I will create jobs for the Ugandan youth.

My government shall arrest all those individuals who have embezzled global funds.

I thank you all. For God and my country.

When Captain Isaac Bakka is not the president of the day, he lives in Uganda.


His Excellency, President Tony Faulkner:

Greetings my fellow citizens, I thank you for electing me president.

You have to remember that the crocodiles in the Shire River are always hungry
President Tony Faulkner

I may have been elected through a democratic process, but these things are really not for Africa.

I will now be your Life President - this is the only way forward.

I will impose my rule in the way that I see is fit, I will not tolerate any opposition to my policies.

You have to remember that the crocodiles in the Shire River are always hungry.

A new dawn

It is now my turn to see how I can enrich myself.

I will not forget my friends that have helped me to power, they will have the top ministerial jobs and I will even create more cabinet posts to accommodate all of them. They will in turn be able to assist their relatives to get good jobs in government.

I will not forget you, my fellow citizens, I will continue to ask the West for aid to support my government and to provide money for health and new roads

Together we go forward to a new dawn of time.

When Tony is not the president of the day, he lives and works in Malawi.


His Excellency, President Mukuka Chilufya:

I salute my predecessor for the fight that he put up using government resources and media. I also salute Zambians who have brought the change.

Zambian Mukuka Chilufya
Mukuka will do away with the culture of blame for poverty and oppression

Zambia is not a poor country.

We only mismanaged it.

Our founding fathers failed us when at independence they refused to give Zambians wages previously earned by our Europeans predecessors.

They demanded responsibility but offered us no opportunities.

We therefore knew neither saving nor investing.

This is about to change.

I will do away with the culture of pointing to Britain and America for the poverty and oppression of our own people. Forty-six years after independence we have no excuse for our total stagnation and backwardness.


We will run a political system that will be characterised by liberties.

Zambia will be a nation where print and electronic media will have no government and where the government will be without a newspaper
President Mukuka Chilufya

Educated Zambians will posses not only communications skills but also skills for living in a democracy.

Young people will be helped to affirm their individual identities and to appreciate the identities of others.

No-one will be made to feel sorry because of his or her colour or tribe.

It is no longer going to pay for any Zambian to belong to the ruling party. No Zambian, traditional chief will be rewarded simply for praising government.

The Zambian population increase will be matched with economic growth.

Zambia will be a nation where print and electronic media will have no government and where the government will be without a newspaper.

No Church ministry that has no building will be registered.

Fishing and game hunting, including killing of snakes and birds, cutting of trees for charcoal are banned during my five years in office. Meat, fish and wood will have to be imported.

Thanks to you all.

When Mukuka, 48, is not the president of the day, he works as a Senior Health and Safety Officer in Chambishi.


His Excellency, President Sulaiman Momodu:

Thank you, thank you. Thank you everybody for coming here today to listen to my inaugural address as your new president.

Sierra Leonean Sulaiman Momodu
Sulaiman has no wish to called His Excellency Chief Doctor

I will be very brief.

Gone are the days of plenty tok tok [talk talk].

Don't say I did not tell you.

I will be serving by disguise and evidence. I mean, I will have many faces in my desire to provide hard evidence that will positively change our dysfunctional system.

Beloved masters, I, your servant, don't want anybody to call me His Excellency Chief Doctor... Nooo! If you must, please allow me to first serve to your satisfaction. In this regard, just call me SM.

My people, motorcades with blaring sirens and traffic diversions are not for me.

Public transports such as poda poda [public transport]? Yes.

Many times I have annoyingly seen law enforcement officers collect cool water or kola from rickety, overloaded vehicle operators.

Salone go sweet

Bribery and corruption must stop!

Those days of how for do, even when we see wrong things are over.

By disguising, I will be secretly filming and exposing vices in both the private and public sectors.

Nobody will be spared, including my family, investors and donors.

I will be visiting schools, hospitals… Beloved masters, people have no fear of God these days, but I am going to install cameras all around.

By the way, those who bankrolled my campaign hoping to get political appointments will get zero, I mean nothing.

Again, have no illusions that I belong to your tribe or region therefore this is your time to chop.

Me na Salone [Sierra Leone] man by tribe, original Salone man by nationality. Temne, Mende, Limba and all other tribes, we are one people.

Fambul dem [my people], change don cam [will come]!

Salone go sweet again. U na [a group of people] tenki [thank you] for listen to me.

May God bless you all.

When Sulaiman is not the president of the day, he is a journalist and is currently working in Liberia.


His Excellency, President Johanes Fofang:

Fellow compatriots, God has given you a Messiah.

My 97% election victory ushers in a new dawn to all Cameroonians.

Ask what you have done for your country and not what your country has done for you
President Johanes Fofang

It gives me the powers to carry out all the reforms that I want. I cannot do this in one mandate and not even two or three mandates will be suffice.

As such, my first action will be to scrub the presidential term limit.

I will dissolve parliament and rule by decree.

My powers are sacrosanct and no opposition will be tolerated. My ministers will be drawn from my old and retired friends who have proven their loyalty to me.

Yes, it is true that the country is filled with corruption but I will arrest anyone only upon presentation of palpable proof.

Countrymen, let's go to work having this at the back of our minds; ask what you have done for your country and not what your country has done for you.

Long live Cameroon and my limitless presidential term.


His Excellency, President BS Kanyusi:

I would like to thank those who ensured my victory by whatever means necessary over my much more qualified opponents.

Rest assured that your efforts on my behalf will soon be rewarded.

In the name of transparency, I put forward my presidential agenda to one and all:

  • By executive order, I hereby extend my term of office (one or two terms is barely enough time to open a number of Swiss bank accounts)
  • Having been warned by environmental experts of dangerous levels of hot air and toxic gases over the capital, I am dissolving parliament forthwith
  • I also forfeit my own presidential pay check - instead the nation will pay me a 10% commission on GDP and as the country develops, so will my Swiss bank account (this is a win win)
  • It is a waste of time to try to eradicate corruption or even reduce it; therefore we will no longer refer to the practice by that name. It will now be called "facilitation" which is perfectly acceptable and can be used by everyone. When the policeman demands a "facilitation fee" from a doctor, that doctor can, in turn, demand a facilitation fee to treat the policeman or his children when they fall ill. This is known in economics as the "multiplier effect"
  • Violence will no longer be tolerated - I have instructed the security forces that anyone disturbing the peace should be shot on sight

Finally, I wish to invite the Resident Presidents Olushambles and Kibarkingmad to visit us.

I have much to learn in how to ruin... I mean... run a country.

When BS Kanyusi is not the president of the day, he lives in Dar es Salaam.


His Excellency, President Joram Nyachwaya:

The first thing I will do is to suspend the constitution.

You are all shocked, aren't you?

Well, this action will help me to deal ruthlessly with the following in order to establish an equitable society: run away official corruption, land grabbing, state sponsored assassinations, tribalism, poverty, unemployment etc, etc, etc.

Kenyan Joram Nyachwaya
Joram will redistribute resources

This so-called Western democracy and its human rights will not help us develop.

Consider China, is it using western democracy? Of course not!

Fellow Kenyans, redistribution of resources is a must for us to grow.

We must create employment, eliminate poverty and create a peaceful environment for all of us.

Not for my sake

Nairobi as the seat of government will be decentralised to enable the country grow evenly.

I am not doing this for my sake but for our beloved country.

It will take five to 10 years to put this country back to where our freedom fighters dreamt of taking it.

Some people will be jailed for their evils and others will have to surrender their ill-gotten riches.

I'm ready to do this without a constitution and for posterity.

I need your support.

Thank you.

When Joram, 41, is not the president of the day, he is an insurance marketing officer in Nairobi.


His Excellency, President Aubrey Chindefu:

It was only a matter of time before I became president of Zambia and now that I am president, I would like to outline my agenda.

Zambian Aubrey Chinfedu
Aubrey wants traditional leaders to get the blame for marginalisation

I will link most of my friends to business opportunities where they will partner some investors and help me develop Zambia.

When it comes to governance, I will only appoint technocrats and performers so that they deliver all my aspirations of uplifting the poverty-stricken citizenry.

If I drag my friends into government, it will be difficult to sack them when they fail to perform because this may spill over into families and village feuds.

However, defence and home affairs portfolios will be reserved for my friends only. The simple fact is that these two positions require persons who have total loyalty to me.

In Africa, we have a tendency to stop some people from being appointed to government positions.

Family benefits

For me, I will find a new way of doing this. I will ask all traditional rulers to submit to me a list of their subjects who they feel will help contribute to the vision I have for Zambia. It is from this list that all appointments for technocrats in Zambia will be made.

This will be done to avoid other tribes accusing me of neglecting their areas. They can blame their traditional leaders instead.

Whenever I feel I should fire any of them, I will also call on their traditional rulers and explain my position so that they do not undermine my authority.

In Zambia, tribes always feel neglected when they do not have a cabinet portfolio from their province. My nepotism for all will make sure that all provinces are represented in my cabinet.

I will govern for the benefit of all my friends and family members. They will be well looked after by engaging in lucrative business opportunities with investors.

After I retire from my presidency, my friends will be in good wealth. That means I won't need to steal public funds for use in my retirement because if need be, my friends will take care of me.

When Aubrey is not the president of the day, he works as an accountant in Lusaka.


His Excellency, President Kiflu Hussain:

Fellow Ethiopians! When I thank you for electing me as your president, I am keenly aware that I am the second person, next to the late Emperor Haile Selassie, to lead Ethiopia fresh from exile.

Ethiopian Orthodox priests hold the image of late Emperor Haile Selassie atop a casket containing his remains at the beginning of a ceremony Sunday 5 November 2000 in Addis Ababa to rebury him 25 years after his death while under house arrest, Ethiopian Patriarch Paulus sits in the background
Kiflu is Ethiopia's second head of state to lead fresh from exile

Like I promised, my first task would be to bridge the chasm created between us, especially by my two predecessors.

In the name of sovereignty, one emphasized unity over diversity whereas the other trumpeted diversity at the expense of unity under the pretext of respecting the rights of 'Nations and Nationalities'.

Apart from tearing us apart this has achieved nothing in terms of augmenting human dignity in Ethiopia.

Rather, impunity has become the order of the day.

The ethnic liberators became adept at oppressing us through divide and rule whereby the enrichment of the oligarchy was portrayed as economic boom whilst millions perished due to famine.

In its place, I intend to bring an economic system that ensures social justice, transparency and accountability.

Good name

On internal security and foreign policy, I will pave the way for a free debate to seek reconciliation and moderation by exploring all outstanding issues such as Oromo nationalism, the crisis in Ogaden and the unresolved border issue with Eritrea.

I will guarantee that Ethiopia fights no proxy war pretending to combat terrorism to cling to power through external support.

My government will always recognise that its power base is the Ethiopian people.

Hence; it will never trade off the vital interests of Ethiopia.

In short, I will work tirelessly to restore Ethiopia's good name in Africa.

When refugee Kiflu Hussain is not the president of the day, he lives in Uganda.


His Excellency, President Eddie Mugarura Balaba:

Fellow Rwandans. Cometh the hour, cometh the man!

Rwandan Eddie Mugarura Balaba
Eddie wants Rwanda to be a proud nation and unite

The hour has come and I am that man!

My predecessors built a foundation and I am here to raise the walls.

In the last 16 years, we have learnt how to rise from the ashes like that proverbial falcon.

Now we must emulate the eagle and soar higher than ever before.

We have built a country from nothing and now we must make this country a proud nation.

My manifesto is very challenging, but we Rwandans are no strangers to hardship, together we will achieve it.

This generation has seen it all; from discrimination to exile, from intolerance to political extremism, from war to genocide, from struggle to liberation.

Let us unite

Fellow Rwandans we must be resolute. We must say 'No' to the forces of divisiveness.

My government will do the following:

Eddie wants his country, Rwanda to emulate the eagle and soar higher

Educate our children - we will fight illiteracy and bring it down from 35% to less than 5% in the next seven years.

Fight urban squalor.

Foster regional integration.

Defend our sovereignty.

Attract foreign investment to provide Rwandans with jobs.

Promote a knowledge-based economy.

One vision. One nation. One people.

Rwandans let us unite.

Long live the land of a thousand hills.

When Eddie Mugarura Balaba, 31, is not the president of the day, he works as an IT Systems Engineer in Rwanda.


His Excellency, President Alhaji Yankuba Kenneh:

Citizens of my beloved country, Sierra Leone, I thank you for electing me as your president.

Sierra Leoneon policeman in front of a rally
Alhaji has serious reservations about democracy

Today, I am a happy man because democracy has brought me to power.

But I have serious reservations about this very democracy which brought me to power.

For this reason, my government will like to practice true African democracy and it will be based on the following conditions:

Firstly, if you cannot properly reason as a citizen, even if you are 18 years and over, you will not be eligible to vote.

Secondly, if you know that what you say is not meaningful to my government, then you should be quiet and keep your opinion to yourself.

No more football failure

Also as a sports-loving nation, I will make sure that the failure of our darling national football team, the Leone Stars will be a thing of the past.

Before my term ends, let me assure you that Sierra Leone will become the second African country to host the Fifa World Cup.

All profits will be used to build a new city where all government functions will be based.

Again my beloved citizens of Sierra Leone as you gave me this task, I am looking forward to your support as the struggle of the people continues.

I thank you all.

When Alhaji Yankuba Kenneh is not the president of the day, he lives in Sierra Leone.


Her Excellency, President Laura Golakeh:

Let us first thank the Almighty God for his grace and peace upon our nation.

Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
Laura is Liberia's second female head of state, after Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf

For my fellow Africans who have fallen prey to poverty and senseless conflicts, I ask that we observe a moment of silence.

I want to thank Liberians for their confidence, trust and support in this political journey.

I pledge to live up to your expectations of creating a government that is sensitive to the plight of all, making sure that the rule of law and respect for human rights is prioritised.

I know that you voted for economic and political stability and I am humbled that you elected me.

Top priority

As part of my campaign pledges, I will put in place measures to minimise corruption and one of them is to stop the importation of workers from the diaspora and increase salary of civil servants.

My government will ensure that our natural resources will be used to better the lives of every Liberian whilst making agriculture our top priority.

As we continue the fight against poverty, my government will put a strategy in place, the Poverty Elimination Strategy to help end this chronic disease.

Fulfilling my campaign promises, I will make sure that electricity is restored throughout Liberia and the price of a bag of rice, our staple food, is lowered.

Fellow Liberians, this is our time to move forward and I can assure you, you have the right government to do just that.

As we start this journey, let us remain united because in union strong, success is sure.

When Laura Golakeh, 19, is not the president of the day, she lives in Monrovia (just like Madam President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf). She is at university.


Her Excellency, President Chibundu Onuzu:

I am mildly confused as to why you, the people of Nigeria, elected me. I'm only 19, I do not even have a degree but most importantly, I stood as a joke.

Nigerian Chibundu Onuzu
Chibundu prefers good skin and an honest smile over stuffing ballot boxes

However, we must not look back, what is done is done, you have made your bed and now I am president.

To those of you that are expecting a speech about all the wonderful things I am going to do in the next four years, I advise you leave the stadium because if you stay, disappointment is sure to ensue.

Yet it is better that you be disappointed now than when, like my predecessors, I fail to deliver the goodies I promised.

So no, I do not intend to put any Nigerians on the moon or to catapult green and white satellites into space.

In fact, I will not even go for the middle grade lie and promise that there will be an underground system in all major cities by the end of my tenure.

Back to Basics

However, as my campaign slogan was Back to Basics, this is essentially what I intend to do.

For too long we have suffered without basics like food, housing, electricity and education and frankly, we cannot take it anymore.

As to those cynics spreading rumours that I rigged the elections, I did not have to.

My youthful charm did it all.

And to my opponents who did indulge in the odd ballot stuffing, try good skin and an honest smile - they work better.

I will close with the reminder that today is a public holiday.

The powers that were decided that children all over the country should be dragged from their studies to commemorate this day that marks the advent of democracy in our land.

Our children - not the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission - are watching.

Let's give them a democracy they can be proud of.

When Chibundu Onuzu is not the president of the day, she is a student in London.


His Excellency, President Fredrick Mtundu:

Dear citizens of Tanzania, I hereby highly and humbly thank you all for electing me as your new president.

Just remember all of you are also part of the government, so let us build this country together
President Fredrick Mtundu

I can assure you that the work we have been campaigning for has just started and we will move this country to prosperity and dignity.

With your support, I am confident and believe that together we shall change this country.

There is no reason why this country is poor and people are suffering while we are blessed with all the natural resources on the planet.

Serious and committed

I assure you that my major aim is for every citizen to enjoy the natural resources on this land and make poverty history.

By doing so, I am serious and committed to deal aggressively with all corrupt leaders who are the main source of poverty in this country.

There will be zero tolerance on corruption by making sure all the greedy, selfish leaders face justice.

We are going to review our laws to make sure that serious punishment will be imposed on those worshiping corruption.

My second commitment will be on agriculture.

men sitting along the beach in Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania
Fredrick would be committed to job creation

Since agriculture is the backbone of our economy, we will focus on improving our agriculture by providing funds to our farmers to make sure they are doing modern agriculture so there is an increase in our annual production in this sector. We will also provide agricultural experts from the villages level.

No room for bureaucracy

My third commitment will be focusing on job creation.

This will be through encouraging more genuine local and foreign investors and making sure that bureaucracy has no room in this sector.

My first promise to the people of Liberia is the provision of water, electricity, cheap transportation, better education and the promotion of agriculture
Henry M Sumo Jr, Monrovia

Furthermore we will provide training and support for young people so that they can get the skills and experience needed to build the economy of this country.

My fourth commitment will be on improving our infrastructure across the country, making sure transportation, communication and power are in good conditions.

May I finish by calling all of us to be hardworking, creative and to stand together in building this beautiful country.

Just remember all of you are also part of the government, so let us build this country together.

May God bless Tanzania!

When Fredrick Mtundu is not the president of the day, he is a student at university in the UK.


His Excellency, President Tendai Sean Joe:

First I would like to commend the people of the Republic of Zimbabwe for holding peaceful elections and I would like to thank you all for electing me as your president.

Zimbabwean Tendai Sean Joe
Tendai works with orphans in South Africa

The task does not end here, I will ensure that we address the problems that face our country.

Currently, the economic state of our country is at stake and I plan to work with a team of strong leaders to draft a reasonable economic structural program to ensure sustainable growth of this Zimbabwe.

This will help restore confidence for all Zimbabweans within our country as well as the diaspora.

One way to execute this plan is to formulate practical and reasonable home-grown solutions for poverty alleviation and creating a 15-year rebuilding strategy to empower our people and our nation.


As president, I also plan to cut military spending by 50% and channel funds towards more critical sectors of the economy such as the education and health departments. Re-drafting the education policy is key to further empowerment of the future leaders of our country.

Freedom of speech and appropriate dissemination of information from the media will be re-established
President Tendai Sean Joe

We will further develop the education system at all levels from primary, secondary to tertiary levels and ensure that all students are groomed for the future jobs and careers.

Also, an aggressive approach within the health system will also address the issue of the Aids pandemic and many other infectious diseases that have affected our children and left some of them orphaned as a result.

Distribution of medical supplies (such as anti-retroviral drugs) and healthcare will also be an important part of the health department to ensure citizens in the most remote areas also receive enough medical attention.

Tendai Sean Joe with the children that his foundation helps
If Tendai were president he would spread the message of reconciliation

We will also ensure that all orphans and vulnerable children of Zimbabwe take priority in our plan to ensure adequate health and welfare.

The social welfare of our youngest citizens will be enhanced by creating an environment that discourages against human trafficking, acts of rape and many other atrocious acts that have impacted their lives.

Men and women of integrity

Freedom of speech and appropriate dissemination of information from the media will be re-established because most of those freedoms were stripped away during the last administration.

This will also be coupled with efforts to spread the message of reconciliation to our people.

Also, channelling information within the global community will help us to engage and communicate on a greater platform without being undermined by our fellow global citizens.

This platform will also serve as a tool to encourage potential investors to invest in the great people and resources of our country while formulating a mutually beneficial job creation plan.

Fellow citizens of Zimbabwe, all of the proposals I have mentioned above are not just words.

Zimbabwe troops
Tendai would cut Zimbabwe's military spending in half

Prior to the election, I already started identifying the right cabinet members, in the event that I was to be chosen leader.

These are men and women of integrity who will have zero tolerance for corruption.

Together we have started collecting ideas in order to ensure that these matters are addressed as soon as possible.

I intend on placing fresh faces with innovative ideas to execute the plan of turning around Zimbabwe and retain only two cabinet members from the old administration, that is, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Information.

Together we can turn Zimbabwe into the bread basket of our region that it once was.

When Tendai Sean Joe, 27, is not the president of the day, he works to empower orphaned and vulnerable children through his South African based Trail Of Hope Foundation, which he founded in 2009. He is a former street child.

This series is now over. Thanks for your contributions.

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