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Islamist death: Your reaction

Artist's sketch of Mohammed Yusuf
Mohammed Yusuf wanted to impose a strict version of Islamic law

A Nigerian government minister has expressed relief at the death of Islamic sect leader Mohammed Yusuf who died in police custody. Human rights campaigners have voiced concern at his death.

The BBC News website has been receiving emails from Nigeria on his death. You can read a selection below.


I think the killing was unlawful. A criminal is not guilty until proven guilty. It just goes to show the archaic attitude of the Nigerian police.
Beatrice, Benin - Nigeria

It is good that the violence has been successfully quelled and peace is gradually returning to the areas affected. The Nigerian security forces have once again demonstrated their readiness at all times to defend the lives and properties of the citizens. However, in the course of discharging their responsibilities, the rules of engagement must and should be strictly adhered to. I suggest that the death of Yusuf the leader of the Islamic sect be investigated and the outcome made known to all. But all the same, I think the Nigerian security force deserve some praise for the timely intervention. Bravo.
Lawrence Ogbeni, Lagos-Nigeria

It's good enough Yusuf was arrested by the police, but must he be killed extra-judicially? It's so sad. Our security people have remained barbaric.
Presley Enyia, Lagos, Nigeria


Islam is against violence and bloodshed. Islam is a religion of true peace. Muhammad Yusuf killed himself.
Suleiman Ibrahim, Kano, Nigeria

The killing of Muhammad Yusuf is very welcome among the Nigerian Muslims because he has damaged our image. While in the north, I have had the opportunity to interact with some of his students, and they consider all Muslims that support going to school as kaffir [non-Muslim].
Abdulmuhsin Muhammad Adeniyi, Ijofin, Nigeria

This recent crisis is not an isolated case but just demonstrates the discontent the people feel with the way the government is running its affairs.
Anthonia, Abuja, Nigeria

His killing may have been "unlawful", but you need to consider the poor and fragile security situation of the nation. The government is just trying to make a statement, they may be diplomatic and cautious but they can also bite! It will also give the government some breathing space and enough courage to continue the battle with the Niger Delta militants.
Fwanshishak Daniel, Zaria, Nigeria

Remember the number of innocent people that died because of his stupid ideas. The person who killed him should be commended and given national honour.
Takoba Hunatufe, Lagos, Nigeria

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