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Madagascar views on power struggle

Soldiers loyal to Andry Rajoelina enter the Presidential palace
Soldiers loyal to Andry Rajoelina entered one of the Presidential palaces

BBC News website readers in Madagascar have been sending us their reaction to the ongoing power struggle and civil unrest.

Opposition leader Andry Rajoelina has asked security forces to arrest President Marc Ravalomanana.

Up to 100 soldiers have seized a palace in the centre of the capital, Antananarivo, in an operation that the African Union condemned as an "attempted coup d'etat".

Read some of the comments we have received:

We saw these fires in the sky, screaming with joy. People here are happy. We may get money properly for a good job. Mr Ravalomanana has done good job. But we need to move further, he's not the right man to do that. People have asked for a change, and Mr Ravalomanana is not willing to do so, and not leave his post. So no choice but to take away by own force.
Youri, Antananarivo

President Marc Ravalomanana
President Marc Ravalomanana retains a strong base of support

What opposition party is doing now, with these mutinies is absolutely not the democracy. We want to improve our recent democracy which is not perfect and the President agreed this, that's why he proposed a referendum. Please help us, help Malagasy people by condemning this coup d'état. I cannot find the right words to express my feeling, my indignation in front of what is happening right now. Help us to save our democracy!
Rabe, Madagascar

This is good day for all of Madagascar, long live military hooray hooray!
Sanjeeb, Antananarivo

Absolutely awful. I am sick of these squalid quarrels, they are like a spaniel picking on a terrier - hurtful but pathetic.
Minocher, Antananarivo

I'm living in Toamasina Madagascar, in the east of the island. I have seen the development since President Ravalomanana was here. In the last two months, the former DJ has broken more than 70% of these realisations.

If he consider to a spokesman of the population, why he is scared for a referendum? Of course I'm for a referendum because many persons want to be quiet. We can't speak because we're permanently under menaces by some people who agree the opposition.

Please, international community help us, help our President elected democratically, please help the Malagasy population.
Francis, Toamasina

Call a spade a spade: a coup is a coup. Thanks to the African Union and the UK for condemning Mr Rajoelina's unconstitutional and undemocratic actions.
Mitady, Antananarivo

Andry Rajoelina
Andry Rajoelina says a referendum is unnecessary

I am 25 years old, I expected to organise my wedding within the next two months, to make a surprise to my parents and my girl friend... I'm working hard for it... but if a civil unrest should happen, the bad surprise would be for me.

Patriots as we are, we are very pacifist, don't want to settle the problems with guns/fire, but settle it around a table... Implore every day, every minute that these clouds will be blown up by a wind from nowhere and may see again the sun which spread on our paradise.

Right now WE NEED HELP. The world should know that the majority of Malagasy don't deny the fact that their President Ravalomanana is not perfect, is egocentric, don't wanna listen to his advisors and is not very intelligent... But the majority is also convinced that he was the best president for Madagascar, simply because as a self-made man, he is a very hard worker, doesn't like politics (his weakness) and right in his judgment and decision... He never and never gave up. He won our heart, and we all refer to him on our daily life. He installed this pride of being Malagasy.
Afaka, Madagscar

Supporters of President Ravalomanana
Supporters of President Ravalomanana backed his offer of referendum

I would like to highlight here one essential fact: what Rajoelina pretends to say is not what Malagasy people think. Maybe we don't agree with some of Ravalomanana's policies these last two years, but we are still convinced he is the only man able to bring progress both social and economical to Madagascar. He is still the president of the nation, he represents order and authority.

International opinion is misled by lies and manipulation from Rajoelina's allies. A popular referendum would at once discredited his pretended popular legitimacy.

Now I'm afraid this is just the beginning of the chaos in Madagascar again. Rajoelina is just a pawn, once Ravalomanana is evicted, there will be a serious dispute on war treasures and power. What about us?
Leila, Antananarivo

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