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Last Updated: Monday, 3 December 2007, 17:42 GMT
Russian election: Readers' views
President Putin after elections
President Putin has described the overwhelming victory for his United Russia party in Sunday's parliamentary elections as a sign of political stability.

His comment came after international observers and many western governments expressed serious concern about the way the poll was conducted

Readers of have been sending their reaction to the election results.

This election symbolizes the fact that we live in Russia, in United Russia. People from other countries, in the West, East, North or South may not like this, but it's a fact and you can't argue with facts. We are a united nation. Alexander Myaskovsky, St Petersburg, Russia

I think people's standards of living will improve and the infrastructure in our cities will be developed. I voted for United Russia, I like the current regime and do not want any coups. They would mean that we have to come back to the 1990s and start all over again and I don't want this. We will build a democracy when everything is well in our country and all those observers from "friendly" nations get off our backs.
Alexander, Taganrog, Russia

Almost all my friends voted for United Russia, I am even surprised it didn't get more votes. I don't think there have been major violations in the voting process, although there must have been some, and not only by the United Russia party. The result of this election shows that people are tired of constant change and don't want any sharp turns, they've had enough of those. Give Russia 20 years of stability and you won't recognize the country.
Sergey, Voronezh, Russia

This is the first election I can remember when nobody wanted to vote for the party that won and yet everyone was sure it would win.
Viktor, Moscow, Russia


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