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Last Updated: Tuesday, 25 September 2007, 10:25 GMT 11:25 UK
Governance views: Priya, Mauritius
Priya, 30, works as a receptionist in south-eastern Mauritius.

My country definitely is one of the most beautiful countries, where you can live peacefully. I think Mauritius will rank around number five.

Beach in Mauritius
Mauritius is a peaceful country

It is very stable and our economy is doing very well. Corruption, I'm sure it is around but we don't really hear about it.

I have not been to any other African countries but I think here, we are more linked to India because most of our ancestors came from there.

We also have the Hindu religion so we tend to look more towards India than Africa.

Human rights are healthy here - as a woman I can vouch that more priority is given to us than men. Women get more protection from police.

There are women's societies where issues like domestic problems can be discussed. Information is given out and the couple are called in to explain and sort out the problems.

Recently too, just this year, programmes have started especially for women to get low interest loans to open businesses. Women are being encouraged to start their own businesses instead of working for someone else.


This way you can still look after your children. It is still not so easy to be a working mother but still, I admire the government's encouragement.

I have one son and I am certain he will have a good education when his time comes. The schools do well and education is really improving.

However our health services disappoint me.

I went to the hospital about eight weeks ago and honestly there a lot of problems - it is really not easy to get the right treatment.

In my opinion if I am talking honestly and frankly - they must change the way they work... one doctor sees 20 patients in three hours. I think they get tired and then their diagnosis is not good.

Doctors are very money-minded.

But I know that this is not just the case here in Mauritius, it is a world-wide problem.

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