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Last Updated: Monday, 3 September 2007, 09:06 GMT 10:06 UK
Journalist saves African migrants
A would-be immigrant peers out of a holding tent in Tenerife, 19 May 2007
The Canary Islands are struggling with an influx of African migrants
At least 38 African migrants have been rescued after their boat capsized in the Atlantic Ocean when a journalist travelling with them phoned for help.

A passing Russian ship heard the emergency satellite phone call and saved those on board.

The migrants had set off from Mauritania and were trying to reach the Canary Islands. They have been taken to Dakhla in Western Sahara.

Some 30,000 migrants were caught trying to reach Spain's Canaries last year.

Many more are believed to have died en route when their rickety wooden canoes sank.

Journalist Dominique Molard was travelling with the migrants to make a report for German television channel ARD, reports the Efe news agency.

Spanish state radio reports that 70 Africans were on board the boat.

Map showing main migration routes

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