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Last Updated: Thursday, 7 June 2007, 16:00 GMT 17:00 UK
Kenyan child kidnapped by Mungiki
Unidentified people cry at the main mortuary in Nairobi hours after Kenyan police killed 20 suspected members of a religious sect called Mungiki (It is unknown if the women pictures are relatives of a

Nine-year-old Dennis was kidnapped by Kenya's outlawed religious sect, the Mungiki, for three days. Here, he and his father Mburu Njoroge recollect their harrowing ordeal to the BBC's Nairobi reporter Kevin Mwachiro.

The Mungiki are terrorising residents on the outskirts of Nairobi and parts of the country's Central Province. They have extorted, murdered and kidnapped local residents.

Dennis's account:

My cousin came to our house with a man and told him that I was called Dennis. And that the other boy [with him] was called Papa.

The man told us to go with them and then when we went, I asked him, "Who are you?".

And he said, "Don't ask me silly questions."

And then I said, "Where are you going?"

He said, "I am going to another club where your uncle drinks alcohol."

He took us by bike. After some shortcuts he then brought us to a room and that room was too small. He told us to stay there and sit on the bed.

They bought us a soda [soft drink].

After we drank the soda - maybe one hour passed - and they came with Sellotape and a sack.

The man brought another sack and I asked him, "Why are you putting these things to our mouth?"

But these men, they told us, "Shut up!"

I was worried and then, eh [loud expression], I thought they have taken us away from our home without [anyone] knowing.

Then when I tried to call out to people they shouted, "If you make a sound we will kill you now!"

Father's account:

Here, Dennis Njoroge's father, Mburu, relates how he had almost resigned himself to the fact that he was not going to see his first-born son again as the sect were demanding a ransom of almost $4,000 (2,000). He said that he and his family had resorted to seeking "heavenly solutions".

I kept on praying fervently and I asked God to send angels to bring back Dennis.

Mungiki  followers
Banned in 2002
Thought to be ethnic Kikuyu militants
Mungiki means multitude in Kikuyu
Inspired by the Mau Mau rebellion of the 1950s
Claim to have more than 1m followers
Promote female circumcision and oath-taking
Believed to be linked to high-profile politicians
Control public transport routes, demanding levies
Blamed for revenge murders in the central region

That evening local police and the area chief on regular patrol were overwhelmed by a strong smell of cannabis and so proceeded to trace where the smell was coming from.

It led them to a particular house.

When they got closer to the house they noticed people running away.

The police then shot into the air.

One person was going to get away and ran into a nearby house. The police followed him into that house and as they caught him they began searching that house.

In their search they found more cannabis and machetes [big knives].

They also uncovered Dennis and another small boy who were blindfolded and gagged and hidden under a large jacket.

They took Dennis and the other boy to the police station and they then called me to inform me that my son had been rescued.

Operation to crush Kenya's Mungiki sect kills 21

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