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Last Updated: Friday, 20 April 2007, 09:48 GMT 10:48 UK
Nigerian voters' views: Presidential polls
Composite image showing L - R: armed policeman (AP), man with umbrella (AFP), polio-affected man (AP) and President Obasanjo (AFP)

Our panel of Nigerian voters share their personal views about their country's forthcoming presidential elections.

Abdulkadir Sani
Primary teacher, 32
Kano, biggest northern city

"Religion is entwined with politics and now we have a very, very volatile situation"

Sha'aya'u Aminu
Student, 23
Katsina, north-west region

"It is just a window dressing. The more thugs you have, the more votes you have"

Nurudeen Tiamiyu
Government parastatal, 37
Abuja, capital

"Life is insecure. There are some areas where you cannot move during darkness"

Oil company engineer, 31
Lagos, commercial capital

"I want a government that can improve the standard of living and give us light"

Bayo Ashola
Communications, 25
Bauchi, north-east region

"You finish university and your family expect you to find a good job. But you can't"

Donaman Atezan
Mathematics student, 25
Gboko, central region

"We need to shun corruption. Our youth should be taught the value of truthfulness"

Chukwuma Odelugo
Lawyer, 45
Enugu, south-east region

"I decided to return home, to give it a try while I still can. But now I am not so sure"

Dr Tarry Asoka
Health advisor, 45
Port Harcourt, Niger Delta

"Poverty is the major issue. We need new ways of doing things"

We asked our panel what issues mattered to them at this crucial time in the history of their country, Africa's most populous nation.

Read their views and then click on the link below to respond to their comments and have your say.

The readers' panel has been selected from as wide a cross-section as possible and may not be representative of wider public opinion.

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