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Last Updated: Thursday, 4 January 2007, 09:51 GMT
Dissident general in Rwanda talks
Brig Gen Laurent Nkunda, accused of being the head of Rwanda's military structure in DR Congo
Brig Gen Laurent Nkunda denies taking orders from Rwanda
Rwanda is hosting talks between representatives of the Democratic Republic of Congo's government and dissident army general Laurent Nkunda.

Nkunda dissidents attacked troops in the east last November, forcing more than 10,000 people to flee into Uganda.

A Rwandan military spokesperson told the BBC the meeting was positive and may lead to a peaceful end to conflict.

Recently sworn-in President Joseph Kabila says peace and stability in the east is his immediate priority.

Major Jill Rutaremara told the BBC the two sides in Kigali agreed to resolve their differences peacefully.

"They came up with resolutions, which I cannot disclose but both sides promised to implement them," Major Rutaremara told the BBC's Network Africa programme.

Rwanda was accused of backing Mr Nkunda, who left the army and launched his own low-level rebellion after the war ended, saying that the country's transition to democracy was flawed and had excluded the minority Tutsi community.

But Major Rutaremara dismissed the accusation.

"That is history, we were backing the RCD faction of the government but now we are not dealing with any factions. We are working with the elected government. In fact both of them have confidence in Rwanda as a mediator," she said.

Some 17,000 United Nations peacekeepers operate in DR Congo, overseeing the peace process after the end of a bloody five-year war in 2002.

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