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Last Updated: Thursday, 29 June 2006, 12:06 GMT 13:06 UK
Tell us your Black Stars experiences
Ghanaian football fan celebrating in the streets of Accra, Ghana, after their World Cup 2-1 win against the US
What did you think about the match? Tell us how you are feeling.

Ghana's World Cup dream is now over. The Black Stars took on the five-time winners, Brazil, but lost the game despite putting on a good display.

Ghana was Africa's last representative left in the World Cup.

What do you think about the match? Did the Samba boys deserve to beat the Black Stars?

This debate is now closed. Thank you for your comments.

Fifa has not given BBC World Service Radio the rights to broadcast any audio of the World Cup commentary on the internet. We used World Cup commentary in the Africa Have Your Say radio programme and thus cannot make this programme audio available online.

Your comments:


I want to congratulate the Black Stars of Ghana for putting up a good and splendid performance and also out playing the so-called number one football nation in the world (Brazil). However, I want Fifa to respect the lesser countries like Ghana and encourage them to do well rather than always favouring the Brazilians. Football lovers have been robbed of good football from the Black Stars of Ghana. Well done Black Stars and we will continue support you, the world has seen your strength. May we see good officiating from the next World Cup in South Africa.
Joseph Adjei-Mensah, Dakar, Senegal

I think the Samba boys didn't deserve their winning over the Black Stars. It's a big shame and disappointment for Fifa in this year's World Cup. Ghana played constructive football throughout the 90 minute, but Fifa and its so-called "good referees" gave us an unfair treatment.
Emmanuel A Farmer, Freetown, Sierra Leone

SMS/Text: Congratulations, Black Stars of Africa. You guys are heroes. Playing with 14 men including the three referees was not easy.
John Pedro, Eket, Nigeria

SMS/Text: Ghana won the war of words but unfortunately for them they had to play the game.
Anonymous, Nigeria

I am very proud of the Ghanaian boys' display against the Samba boys. At least we now have the best experience for another World Cup. We are going to retreat and re-assess ourselves as well as learn lessons on the new regime of off-side traps. Congratulations to the Black Stars.
Opoku Samuel, Virginia, US

SMS/Text: Ghana never mind about losing to Brazil. You did so well to get so far during your first try.
Bain De Banya, Freetown


From BBC SPORT: Brazil book their place in the last eight courtesy of goals from Ronaldo, Adriano and Jose Ze Roberto - but it was not as easy as the scoreline suggests.

SMS/Text: I am disappointed in the scoring ability of the black stars.


From BBC SPORT: Cafu is released by Juninho, but the Brazilian skipper has his cheeky dink saved by Richard Johnson with Ronaldinho awaiting a cross in the middle.


From BBC SPORT: John Pantsil has a speculative stab from range and Dida saves a bouncing ball well.


From BBC SPORT: Alex Tachie-Mensah has a dart, but his shot is easily saved by Dida. Brazil bomb straight down the other end and Ronaldo's shot is saved well by Richard Kingson.


From BBC SPORT: Ricardinho sticks a simple ball over Ghana's centre-backs and Jose Ze Roberto cuts across, flicks it past Richard Kingson and taps in.

Ghana, with Nigeria's attacking force can rule the world. But at this moment, with their extremely unreliable attack, Ghana will crumble easily.
Rotimi, Leeds, UK

SMS/Text: We have to pray that Ghana will win Brazil. But we know Brazil is the best at football.
Yus Coli, Tanji, the Gambia


From BBC SPORT: Asamoah Gyan gets his marching orders for a dive in Brazil's penalty area. Two yellow cards and he probably deserved to go.


From BBC SPORT: The industrious Sulley Muntari barges his way into the Brazilian penalty area but is unable to touch the ball past Dida.

SMS/Text: The ref is making me sick. I cannot watch anymore.
JR Amara, Sierra Leone


People celebrating in Kaneshi, Accra in Ghana [Pic: Stano]

From BBC SPORT: Ronaldinho almost finds Jose Ze Roberto with a ball over the top, but Richard Kingson heads clear. With Ghana striving for a goal, you sense Brazil are going to hit them on the break in the last 15 minutes.

I'm still at the Ghanaian barber shop and you can tell that everyone is starting to lose hope. You can read the sadness on the faces.
C Iverson, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA


From BBC SPORT: Ronaldo is offside once again and Roberto Carlos is furious with him for not holding the line. Brazil seem to have weathered the Ghanaian storm and have assumed complete control.

SMS/Text: Let us be realistic! Ghana is no match for Brazil. We, Africans need to go back to the drawing board.
Mike Sije, Nigeria


From BBC SPORT: Ronaldinho puts Roberto Carlos in with a beautifully-weighted pass, but the Brazil full-back is unable to toe-poke the ball past Richard Kingson.

SMS/Text: When we say Black Star. We say go, go, go.
Jah Samith, Ghana


From BBC SPORT: Matthew Amoah lays the ball off to Haminu Draman in the Brazilian box after more quality interplay from Ghana, but Draman, eyes like saucers, blazes over.

SMS/Text: I'm hearing the match on a radio set. And I believe two goals will not mean winning... the Black Stars can get three goals to win the match.
Etinyene Inyang, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria


From BBC SPORT: Gilberto Silva is on for Emerson in Brazil's midfield as Ghana get the second half under way.

After the first half, Ghana is outplaying Brazil. Going into the second half, Ghana needs to wield a fence around their goal and speed up with their attack to produce goals. They can pull an upset. They match Brazil in their flare. Go Ghana... go Ghana.
Symon Kimitei, Kabarnet, Kenya

1553 GMT

From BBC SPORT: Users of Player Rater are in little doubt that Adriano's goal on the stroke of half-time should not have stood. 93% of those responding to a poll on Player Rater said the goal should have been ruled out for offside.

SMS/Text: So Fifa has already selected which teams will win. How can Brazil be allowed offside goals? They've spoiled unless they are intimidated by Brazil.
Cathy Attika, Kenya

SMS/Text: Woe to those false prophets that claimed Brazil was beatable by Ghana! You are firing blanks!
Nasiru Suwaid, Kano, Nigeria


From BBC SPORT: Ronaldo and Adriano are the goalscorers as Brazil lead Ghana at half-time in Dortmund. But the defending champions have been living on the edge, with their defending dodgy in the face of some surging Ghanaian attacks.


From BBC SPORT: Adriano doubles Brazil's lead, tapping in a cross from Cafu after a sweeping end-to-end move - but it was clearly off-side. Immediately before, Sulley Muntari almost tip-toed his way through the flaky Brazil defence at the other end.

SMS/Text: This is a sad day for world football. This is a match that the better side is not winning. This is another stolen verdict.
Ransford Antwi, Sunyani, Ghana


From BBC SPORT: John Mensah almost scores for Ghana, nodding a free header straight at the feet of Dida in the Brazilian goal. Brazil are on very thin ice in Dortmund.


From BBC SPORT: Eric Addo is the fourth Ghanaian in the referee's book for a blatant foul on Adriano. The odds on the Africans ending the game with 11 men are shortening by the minute. Ronaldinho is still struggling to dredge up the magic and sticks his free-kick way over.


From BBC SPORT: Matthew Amoah finds more space in Brazil's box but his shot just dribbles towards Dida in Brazil's goal.


From BBC SPORT: Ghana are getting more into the game now and Matthew Amoah has their best chance so far. Sulley Muntari splits Brazil's defence assunder with a pinpoint pass but Amoah snatches his shot.


SMS/Text: It's Africa's wish that Ghana carries the day. But caution, it's a game of men... don't be complacent.
Sam Chirwa, Malawi

From BBC SPORT: Adriano is put in by Jose Ze Roberto but the Inter Milan man is unable to emulate Ronaldo and is halted by Richard Kingson. Adriano makes a meal of it and is booked for diving - and rightly so. Ghana are defending very high and are getting opened up time and again by Brazil's midfielders.


From BBC SPORT: Ronaldo breaks Gerd Muller's World Cup finals goalscoring record to give the defending champions the lead.


From BBC SPORT: It's Brazil who kick off in Dortmund.


I am so nervous that I cannot even eat my lunch - I will have to leave it until after match the!
Rainbow, London

I'm right now at a Ghanaian barber shop in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA. We are all waiting for the big game. Ghana is our only hope. The whole continent of Africa is awaiting the biggest upset in World Cup history. Everybody in the barber shop is super excited. Ghana can pull this one.
C Iverson, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

The whole of Accra is charged, waiting for undoubtedly one of the greatest wars ever fought on the football pitch. I am watching this great match live in the office together with other co-workers. My fears? No. I don't have any fears. Black Stars all the way.
Douglas Amponsah, Accra, Ghana

David and Goliath that's what I say! Ghana were greatly underestimated and I'm sure they shocked the world with their wonderful performance against Czech Rep. I sincerely believe they are capable of winning this time and wish them all the best. Fear not and do your best...
Sylvia Wandia, London, England

I am doubly convinced that Ghana will meet their waterloo in this game
Leo N Ekpo, Belgium

This whole issue of Ghana to spring surprises to the Brazilian stars, is simply a wild dream. The Ghanaians should rather pray and work harder not to concede many goals. I am doubly convinced that Ghana will meet their waterloo in this game. They have however, tried their best. Samba boys do me proud once again.
Leo N Ekpo, Nigerian in from Leuven, Belgium

I can see that Brazil is packing. All us Malawians and the rest of Africa plus our ancestors are doing all that is possible to get rid of them. Ghana woyee woyee Africa! Pambeli Nkosi sikelele Africa! - Ghana go go for Africa! God bless Africa!
Gymes Titus Kapyepye, Lilongwe, Malawi

Brazil must be careful. Ghana will upset them.
Mr Zakaria Ankuma Chori, Abuja, Nigeria

Brazilians are unfortunate to meet the Black Stars today... today's match will be the shock of the world!
Selorm Adiku, Accra, Ghana

Teddy  Karlkani, Nigerian in Mbour, Senegal
Teddy hopes the Black Stars will play with 100% focus
I only have one little thing to say to my brothers from Ghana: "Please Ghana players. Go out and play with 100% focus!"

I believe that if every player gives his best the Ghana will surely overcome.

Ghana go out and make me pround. I love you and your Ghana wine, Africa shine!
Teddy Karlkani, Nigerian in Mbour, Senegal

The Black Stars of Ghana are indeed a shining star. They gave me much more reason to be an African, and I am proud of them. I'm pleased with their performances so far, and wish they can do more, not minding that they will be playing against the more experienced and organised Brazilians. I leave the outcome of the clash in the hands of the Almighty God, as I will be leaving for home right now to "fuel" my uncle's generator, in preparation for the big game.
Peter C Nweke, Onitsha, Nigeria

Ghana had been in the forefront of many situations that relate to Africa, and the World Cup cannot be an exception. The Black Stars will shine today to baffle everyone on this planet. Africa, hold your peace, Ghana will make us all proud today. The morning star is already high in the sky.
Paa Kwasi Kyei, Ghana

DJ Mosali Kimia Mazembe, Ghanaian in Arizona
I will watch with Brazilian friends sipping palm wine and Amazon guarana
DJ Mosali Kimia Mazembe

Africa versus Brazil is overdue since the USA 94 World Cup final. Ghana will shine if it comes with the killer instinct pressure, scores two goals before intermission, and avoids defensive mental errors in the box.

The match hype fits the occasion for this is why young footballers perfect their skills on beaches, alleys, plantations and graveyards in Africa and Brazil to showcase the end product on the world stage. I will watch with Brazilian friends sipping palm wine and Amazon guarana in my living room at 0800 local time on the West Coast of America.
DJ Mosali Kimia Mazembe, Tempe, Arizona, USA

As a strong supporter of the Black Stars of Ghana, I wish and pray that they beat the Brazilians. However, I must sincerely say that the Sambas are a strong team and beating them in such a crucial match would not be an easy task I will be watching the match at home before going to work. Good luck my African brothers for making our continent proud. You can do it.
Madi Ceesay, New York City

Some pundits may say without Essien the Black Stars will lose. Contrary to that view, I think the Black Stars have shown enough tactical fortitude to stay with the Brazilians. I predict a win for the African boys if their young forwards can outwit the older Samba defenders. The Brazilians have shown little respect for the Stars. With all the continent's hope resting on their young broad shoulders, and with the coach Djukovic's prediction most people seem to think the stars will be fine. I will probably watch it at home where distractions are minimal.
Samuelnti-Agyei, Toronto, Canada

It will be a tough battle to watch, as much as I love Brazil, and would love to see Ronaldo make history with 15 or even 16 goals, it would be a thrill for Ghana to win. If Ghana beat Brazil, I can bet they will reach the final. May be it will be a way to welcome the world to South Africa in 2010 by having a defending Champion from Africa. Ghana should be aware of the long range shots of the Brazilians. I hope either team will celebrate victory or accept defeat graciously, as they are both my favourites. Good luck to you both.
Jude Okumu, Toronto, Canada

Ghana will lose
Selemani Wambuzi, Seattle

Truth hurts! Ghana will lose, but it's really a great experience for the team.
Selemani Wambuzi, Seattle, Washington

Brazil are on the packing list. My money is on Ghana tonight. Even here in Malawi, it promises to be a warm night despite being our coldest month. Ghana raise our African dream!
Hankie Uluko, Lilongwe, Malawi

Ghana will definitely shine and the next victim will be the Brazilians. They will not be an exception; they are going to suffer the same fate like the Czechs and the USA and of course Italy. One nil will not be a bad result for Ghana. Brazil play like Africans and it's a bonus for the Black Stars and Africa. Go Ghana and hammer the boys from South America!
Bernard, Cape Town, South Africa

We all Africans dream Ghana will shine with the game they have with Brazil. However, this will become real if they have injected what they can towards the game. I do expect much from Ghanaians players at least to show us a nice game!
Gashaw, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Ghana will triumph and if they make Brazil kiss the world cup bye bye then we are to be sure of getting the trophy to Africa
Tom Toso Alanya, Nairobi

I have loved Ghana all through, when they played and beat Czech. Republic I was overjoyed .All that I know and believe is that if the referee will be fair to Africans just once then believe you me Ghana will triumph and if they make Brazil kiss the world cup bye bye then we are to be sure of getting the trophy to Africa. Let fair play be really fair not like what the ref did to Australia against Italy - that penalty was uncalled for. Referees, referees please be fair don't just blow the whistle to send us home we are also capable of winning a World Cup. God bless Africa.
Tom Toso Alanya, Nairobi, Kenya

Ghana has come a long way and with determination same as they played the Czech they should beat the Brazilians. We are determined to make history today!
S Nick Ayison, Accra, Ghana

Ghana can today make the impossible possible. All that we ask is for the self belief that the team had against Czech Republic be reinstated. Any defensive minded approach will be suicidal and will bear the same result as Japan got against Australia and Iran got against Mexico. The team that plays positively will come out victorious in this game and we pray that this team be Ghana.
Ahmed Awil, Las Anod, Somalia

Ghana should go into today's game with a sense of purpose in order to maximize a win.
Rudolph Vah, Congo Town, Monrovia

It's the wish of every Africans to see the Black Star sail through to the quarter finals. However, it's going to be a tough battle to overcome. The Ghanaians have the advantage that the Brazilians are under enormous pressure and could in that state loss some stability. The Black Stars need to emancipate themselves from any pressure.

It's delightful knowing that they have been preparing for this game with a psychologist and prayers; it's a nice way to face a battle of this magnitude. My advice to the fans and the entire African continent is the cheer the Black Star with passion; with passion, success will surely come their way. I'm eagerly waiting for the moment. That is the talk of the day out here in my locality.
Chi Primus, Bamenda, Cameroon

Well, it's the wishes of every patriotic African that Ghana should win today's match against Brazil as well as football lovers that the Brazilian style should run the ends of Germany 2006 a happy season for the world. Therefore, Ghana needs the spirit of one man against the other to professionalism and football skills to outwit Brazil.
Mr Jimeta, Algiers, Algeria

The Brazilians are football experts, but don't forget, the Ghanaians are also football masters, I think the Brazilian defence is not all that strong and the Ghanaians will pave a way through their defence and carry the day. I would say Ghana has a "simple surprise" for the world, and this is victory over the Brazilians. "Cheers Black Stars, Cheers Africa"
Khadijah, Accra, Ghana

To meet the defending champions of Brazil is like a nine months pregnant woman trying to climb Mount Kilimanjaro
Samuel Battah, Abuja

Black Stars have done so well in reaching this present stage of the World Cup, but for them to meet the defending champions of Brazil is like a nine months pregnant woman trying to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Though you can't predict football any way until the final whistle is blown. Good luck to both the Black Stars and the Brazilians.
Samuel Battah, Abuja, Nigeria

Brazil is going to have the shock of their lives. We are not afraid of the world stars. Our glorious Black Stars will make Ghana and Africa proud. Ride on Black Stars! Ride on golden stars!
Florence Eyiah-Sampson(Mrs), Accra, Ghana

The Blacks Stars are definitely a dream team; although I am a strong supporter of Ghana in general, I don't expect them to beat Brazil; there is no shame for being beaten by this team which is no doubt the best in the world at present. Every player in Brazil team is so good. Anyway Ghana has already done so well in going through the group matches; what is more important is that Ghana come back to its former "way of play" as his great players used to do in the seventies; Ghana produce the best football in Africa and we should be proud of that.
Pr Salif Yonaba, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

The Black Stars is a dream team that all Africans are praying for to bring honour and glory to our entire continent. I am a Rwandan citizen living in Toronto and I believe Ghana can and will overcome Brazilians.
Alexandre Kabanda, Toronto

Ghana, the Black Star of Africa, thanks for making it this far. You have put Africa on the map of the world and with the power of God and the skills of your players will give Brazil and the world the run for their money. You will be victorious in Tuesday's game and will bring back proud where it belongs in Africa. Ghana, the continent of Africa is with you guys no matter what the outcome may be. I love you guys and I am proud to be an African.
Francis Kesseh, MN, USA

I've got this funny guts feeling that they will shine, provided they approach the game with the same mentality as they did with the Czech game. I think there isn't much difference between Czech and Brazil in terms of class and quality. Of course Brazil are in a different class of their own, but one thing history has taught us is this... favourites don't always win. It's about who rises to the occasion tomorrow. Come on Black Stars!!!
Nathan Addo, London, UK (Ghana)

Ghanaians can carry the day if they can erase Brazil from their mind.
Wasiu Saibu, Cotonou, Benin

I expect officiating to be excellent. If it is so, I see no reason why Ghana cannot beat Brazil maybe 2-0.
Kojo Ayew, Ghana

Any team that plays in the World Cup is a good team. Big names and best teams are a media hype. Ghana and Brazil are both good teams, each is capable of winning the World Cup. Fitness, concentration and team work will be the attributes that will decide the winner of the Ghana-Brazil encounter.
Alexander Gyamfi, Albany, NY, USA

Brazil have proved over the years to be one of the best teams in the world. Ghana is just starting to prove that we are amongst the best too. To convincingly do this Brazil will have to be sent home by Ghana, and this is exactly what will happen tomorrow. So long as we have 11 Ghanaians against 11 Brazilians, Ghana will live up to the test.
Joseph Quansah, Lafayette, USA


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