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Ugandan voters' views: Edward

Name: Edward
Age: 32
Lives: Kampala
Job: Engineer

I went to vote at around 0900 but unfortunately I have not been able to vote.

My name is not on the register. I have my registration card with me but my name is not on the list.

People are very desparate. There are so many people in the same boat and they are complaining that they are not on the register. It is a big problem around here and some are thinking that it is a move to rig the election. We haven't had our chance to have our say.

People have turned up in big numbers despite the rain and the disruptions it has caused.

I was among many others who only registered as a voter in October. It was only then that we knew of Besigye's plans to contest the presidency.

Edward's election experience in pictures sent with his phone

There are many like me who did the same and now, like me, they are not on the list and they are not being allowed to cast their ballot.

The person in front of me was not on the list and the one after me was also chased away.

All in all we pray that things will turn out well.

But it is worrying.

It seems to be the majority of the youth that have been shunned away. Many are thinking this is one of the tricks going on.

It is over now. Closing time is here - no more voting will be done. We can now only witness the counting of the votes.


I have had to give up and I am very disappointed. So many are complaining too, many are very bitter. It may become a bigger problem.

From what I have heard this has mainly been a problem within the Kampala district. On the whole though, the turn out was so good.

Maybe next time when these people organise elections they should get all the different parties as representatives on the electoral commission to make it fair, instead of like now where the people on the commission were appointed by the state.

It proves that it isn't a representation of the other parties and so you cannot really know whether it is a real result or not.


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