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Ugandan voters' views: Rembo

Name: Rembo
Age: 46
Lives: Tororo
Job: Teacher/Photographer

I was the second voter at exactly 0810 local time.

The voting has been so orderly. There are reports of only two arrests of people who had wanted to cause violence.

But for the most part people have been really well educated about their rights and what must happen.

I went to take photographs and all the voters I approached were willing - allowing me to freely take their picture and chat to them openly.

There has seemed to be maximum co-operation between the voters and the security personnel.

There is a very high security presence at the cement factory here in Tororo. They must have been worried that people were going to go on the rampage. They haven't done anything like that.

One problem here in Tororo was that some voters names were misplaced. You find that many have been going from one polling station to the next, to the next, and so on in order to find their name.

Many also have found that in Tororo town the name of the voter on the register comes with a different photograph. However if that is the case you just have to show your identity card to show who you are and then it is alright and they allow you to vote.

When I voted I felt as though I was exercising my right.


The interesting news around is that people are really looking at the presidential level as an issue compared to the parliamentary level like in previous elections.

There are really only two candidates - the incumbent and his rival, Kizza Besigye. The people only mind about these two. It seems that they would rather vote out the incumbent. When it comes to the parliamentary candidates, they base their vote on the individual's actions and past experience.

Many round here want to vote in a new man. They want Besigye because they believe that he will work with any of the parliamentary candidates chosen.

This is the whisper around town.

It is nearly closing time now and the voting will end soon.

Overall the people have really welcomed this exercise with the hope for a change. It is very exciting.


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