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Last Updated: Friday, 10 December 2004, 21:44 GMT
Ghana election diary: Big excitement
The BBC's Kwaku Sakyi-Addo has been keeping a diary for Ghana's presidential polls and now describes his feelings on hearing the long-awaited result.

Kwaku Sakyi-Addo, BBC correspondent in Accra
Kwaku has been on the campaign trail for the BBC

Yipeeeeeee! Sorry, if I'm causing your screen to steam up with my hot (but fresh) breath.

But it's an understatement to say that I'm exxxxcited that the election and its three days of drip result-reporting are over.

Now we have a winner: John Kufuor - 53%, and John Atta Mills, 44%.

Edward Mahama got a whopping 1.9%, and George Aggudey, a resounding 1%.

The two of them were "lapped" many times over as the strong do the weak in middle distance running.

They were "Ralph Nadered."

It's a shame because I like Dr Mahama. He should've accepted the offer from Kufuor four years ago to be his running mate.

He could've been looking at a real chance at the presidency in 2008. Now he's history without having been part of it.

But I guess I'm too simple-minded to appreciate the peculiar operating system that politicians are powered by.

Which brings me to Mills' petition to the electoral commission on Thursday night to do a Florida; have a recount of the entire national ballot just when you thought he was going to make that phone call to Kufuor instead, so I could go home to bed.

His reason? There were too many spoiled and rejected ballots from his strongholds.

So? Honestly, I took that petition personal.

Today, though, as the haze of defeat cleared, Mills gave in.

"I wish to congratulate J A Kufuor and the other contestants..." he wrote.

Kufuor had reached out earlier during a press conference in his garden.

"I know what it's like to lose an election. Let's give him time," he said.

Mills must be pondering his future now. But any further politics would be poor advice.

As for One Per Cent Aggudey, one of his posters read: "George Aggudey, yours to discover."

I suspect this buried human treasure will take another shot in four years, strong in his faith that he can't possibly sink deeper.

And that's enough champagne, Mr. President. You've got work to do.

Me? I'm off to bed. Good night.

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