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Last Updated: Friday, 10 June 2005, 10:08 GMT 11:08 UK
'Killer cow' arrested in Nigeria
Horned African cow in Nigeria. Archive picture
Cows can often be seen walking through Nigerian cities
Police in Nigeria have detained a cow after it killed a bus driver.

The stray animal attacked the man from behind as he was urinating on a motorway near the country's commercial city of Lagos, a police spokesman said.

"As the man fell down, the cow repeatedly hit him with its hooves and horns until he died," spokesman Olubode Ojajuni told the AFP news agency.

Mr Ojajuni said police were now seeking the cow's owner who would be charged for failing to control the animal.

Several bystanders were also injured in the incident before the horned African cow was arrested.

Some people demanded the animal be shot on the spot, but a police chief in the Ojo district of Lagos ordered it to be taken alive.

"The cow went mad, ran into a bus driver and knocked him down. Efforts to revive him were fruitless," Mr Ojajuni told Reuters news agency.

"You know what it will take to arrest a mad cow?" one of the policemen taking part in the operation was later quoted as saying by a local newspaper.

"We applied ingenuity and arrested the cow, which is now being detained at the station," he said.


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