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Last Updated: Tuesday, 16 December, 2003, 16:03 GMT
How important is China to Africa?
During the second China-Africa trade summit held this week in Ethiopia, China said that it would provide enhanced support for Africa, without any political discrimination.

Chinese workers
China already exports a wide range of goods to Africa
Both African and Chinese delegates agreed that there was vast potential for a growth in trade between China and Africa, and that this was vital for Africa's development.

Do you believe China could become a key trading partner for Africa?

How important is a healthy political and economic relationship between China and Africa?

A selection of your views will be broadcast on the BBC's Focus on Africa programme on 20 December at 1705 GMT.

China will be the big business partner for Africa, for the simple reason that the West's commodities are not affordable, while Chinese ones are affordable for the majority of African people.
Aman, Addis Abeba

I worked on the Tanzam, the Tanzania and Zambia railway built by China. This was a masterpiece. It is an example of Chinese and African economic cooperation. As a trading partner, we have raw materials. China could build factories for us and we could then export the finished products to China and other industrialized nations. Africa will learn from the Chinese brigades that are catapulting the red dragon towards being the next world superpower.
Sungura Kombo, Kapiri Mposhi, Zambia

Africa should definitely look to the East, now! Not just China but India too is a much better choice for economic and political relationships than Africa's historical enemy, Europe. The Asian relationship is going to take some time to become fully advantageous, but Africans should cease wasting time with Europe and actively foster increasing ties with Asia. Europe is a waste of time. Europeans are too entangled in their ignorance, arrogance and greed to be anything but destructive for the past, present and immediate future of others and of themselves. Africans should look east and wean themselves from Europe┐s bitter fruits!
Yaamaji, USA

China is an example of how millions of people can be organised and made to work for collective goals. They started from a poor country without focus and with the blessing of Mao who came to lead them at the right time, foundation was laid for economic, political and military progress. Today, China is a world power. One can say that ifi t carries on as it is today, it can be the next superpower, surpassing even the USA. Africa is gaining a lot from China's humility. She is already recognised as an industrial nation but because of her humility, she prefers to be called a developing nation in solidarity with poor countries. China is great. If China decides to help Africa, and the help is real without any hidden agenda as other developed nations are known for, the relationship should be welcomed and all the agreements should be followed to the letter.
Adigun Olosun, Ostbevern, Germany

I believe the opportunities that were not given to Africa by the so-called Western world will be provided by China. At least it will be fair trade not the daylight robbery called economic aid and fair trade by US, UK and the likes.
Joshua Olutoye, United Kingdom

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