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Tuesday, 13 August, 2002, 09:38 GMT 10:38 UK
Rwandan genocide suspect 'in Angola'
Skulls of the massacred Rwandans
About 800,000 people died in the 1994 genocide
One of the alleged leaders of the 1994 Rwandan genocide has been identified in a camp for demobilised soldiers from the Unita rebel movement, according to the Angolan Government.

There has been no independent confirmation of the identification of General Augustin Bizimungu, head of the Rwandan military during the 1994 genocide.

Wanted poster for Rwandan suspect
The US is putting up the money to find genocide suspects
The Angolan Government has not revealed the location of the camp, according to the BBC's Justin Pearce in Luanda.

Both Angola and Rwanda are heavily involved in the complex war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Our correspondent says that many Rwandans and Congolese have been found among the Unita forces, having fought for the rebels against the Angolan Government.

Arrest warrant

Rwanda says that it sent troop into DR Congo to stop attacks from the ethnic Hutu Interahamwe militias who carried out the genocide.

General Bizimungu is one of eight leading genocide suspects being sought in DR Congo and Kenya.

Rwanda and Angola
Angola supports the DR Congo Government
Rwanda supports the DR Congo rebels
Rwandan says it is fighting Hutu rebels in DR Congo
Angola's Unita rebels supported the DR Congo rebels backed by Rwanda

General Bizimungu is wanted by the International War Crimes Tribunal for Rwanda on charges of genocide and crimes against humanity relating to the Rwandan army's role in the genocide.

The Angolan Government has said that it will carry out an international arrest warrant pending against him and he will be handed over to the United Nations.

The general was thought to be hiding in DR Congo and was on a list of Rwandan war crimes suspects highlighted recently when the United States offered up to $5m for information leading to their capture.

Opposite sides

The Angolan authorities identified General Bizimungu during the process of demobilising about 80,000 former Unita fighters who have gathered in camps across the country since the end of the civil war.

Unita rebel soldiers
Thousands of Unita fighters are awaiting demobilisation

At the beginning of the month, 5,000 former Unita soldiers were selected to join the Angolan army. The remaining 75,000 will be fully demobilised.

Most of the Rwandans with Unita are loyal to the present government in Rwanda and so are on the opposite side to General Bizimungu, according to the BBC's Justin Pearce.

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