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Monday, January 26, 1998 Published at 21:47 GMT


Clinton lawyers ask for speedy trial
image: [ The Paula Jones sexual harassment trial is due to open in May ]
The Paula Jones sexual harassment trial is due to open in May

President Clinton's lawyers have asked a federal judge to speed up the sexual harassment case brought by Paula Jones.

The lawyers said the case was a distraction which was preventing the President from carrying out his work effectively.

They said a quicker trial would be in the best interests of those involved and of the American nation.

BBC Washinton correspondent Stephen Sackur: "Jones case opened the floodgate..." (26")
President Clinton is alleged to have sexually harassed Mrs Jones when he was governor of the state of Arkansas. The trial is due to open on May 27.

In a motion filed to the federal court at Little Rock, Arkansas, the lawyers said: "The events of the last few days have shown that the higher court's confidence that this case could proceed without undue distraction to the nation's business was unfounded.

"So too, was reliance of plaintiff's assurances that she would not seek to inquire into the defendant's conduct as President."

[ image: Lewinsky denied an affair to Jones' lawyers]
Lewinsky denied an affair to Jones' lawyers
On January 16, the day before President Clinton gave Mrs Jones' lawyers a deposition in the sexual harassment lawsuit, FBI agents interviewed Monica Lewinsky, an intern who told a friend she had a sexual relationship with the President at the White House.

She gave Mrs Jones' lawyers an affidavit denying having had an affair.

Kenneth Starr is looking into Ms Lewinsky's stories and into whether the White House improperly influenced her to make a denial.

Clinton's lawyers said on Monday that a quicker sexual harassment trial would "ensure the just and speedy resolution of this litigation, which is in the parties' and the nation's best interest."

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